Milk in the diet of dogs – Can dogs drink milk?

Can dogs after adults drink cow’s milk? Can I give cow’s milk to puppies? Is it true that dogs can not drink milk? Can dogs drink milk?

These are really very common questions among young fathers and mothers of dogs.

Let’s think together, milk is a drink that is very popular among humans, dogs, and cats, after all we are mammals, are not we? Plus it’s clear to be delicious! Milk, imagine, milk is used to make lots of treats like cakes, pieces of bread, pastries, ice cream, yogurts, my dogs for example, are in love with yogurt! Of course, all this is delicious! It is not uncommon to say that milk does very well for teeth, which contains calcium and also does very well for our skin, many creams are made with milk, not only cow, but goats for example. For our young children supposedly give cow’s milk it is extremely important to maintain vitamin D levels in the body, about 2 cups a day in growing age, without affecting iron levels.

Which makes us think that milk is a great source of energy and a very healthy way of getting nutrition. Whether accompanied by cereals, cookies, or even in a glass of pure milk, we are accustomed to consuming huge amounts of milk during our lives, including at maturity, when drinking milk is supposed to prevent old age diseases such as osteoporosis. But the question that interests you is different, we drink milk, it does not hurt us, on the contrary, but can my dog drink milk too? Is drinking milk bad for my dog?

Can dogs drink milk? – Whenever I talk to you here on the blog, I suggest a reflection to go back to the past, imagining how old our relationship with dogs is and how much our habits regarding feeding our dogs have been changing over the last decades due to the industrialization of food. This simple thought will surely answer our question immediately: Can dogs drink milk?

Yes, dogs can drink milk . However, like many humans, most dogs are lactose intolerant. This does not mean that the milk will necessarily do harm to your puppy, it means that they have more difficulty digesting the milk as well as some of us. Some dogs lack enzymes, which are organic substances needed to digest the sugars found in milk, and therefore for most dogs it turns out to be very difficult to digest the milk.

Although dogs love milk, they find the palate and the aroma of milk very delicious. It is also important to demystify this issue of milk intolerance by puppies. There are some dogs that are not lactose intolerant and they can drink milk without having any kind of alteration in their digestion. In some countries such as Hungary, shepherd dogsLocal are created with a rich diet based on goat milk, not only drinking milk, but also eating several sub-products derived from milk. Even for a dog who is lactose intolerant, it may also be very good for him to drink a little milk from time to time, however, this milk should be completely skimmed. My large dogs, when they are a little nauseated, take a little milk, an American cup, and it is very clear that they end up getting better in the stomach.

If your dog is still young, avoid experimenting with whole milk and do not force it in large quantities. If your dog is old and you have never offered milk, perhaps it is better not to offer it.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe – How should I prepare my dog’s food?

When preparing homemade dog food, the meat should be cooked in plenty of water, with a little salt, along with the already chopped vegetables, which can be varied, depending on what you have at home. One day you can use pods and carrots along with leaves such as spinach or cabbage. Another day, you can use cauliflower, shelled potatoes, always in small quantities. I always recommend placing a string of olive oil, especially when using crucifers in the day’s food, so that the body assimilates all its properties.

Always cook the meats before offering it to your dog. As I have already mentioned, liver, kidney, and kids, in general, are meats with great nutritional value and are often highly appreciated by dogs. Do not overdo the amount of bovine liver. They love it but can not eat it overdone as it can cause poisoning. Eggs provide nutrients important for the brain, eyes and body and need to be ingested naturally, should not be consumed dehydrated. It’s interesting to offer hot eggs mixed in the food, do not overcook, or offer raw. Contrary to what many people think, it is always good to remove the shell. Egg white is a perfect protein source that contains riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc. The yolk contains essential fatty acids, phospholipids (which contains one or more phosphate groups that are essential for the formation of membranes of all body cells), choline, lutein, vitamin D and a complete set of vitamins including tocotrienols that are members of the family of vitamins E and gamma-tocopherol. Beef, chicken, fish in general, should be offered cooked and boneless.

After cooking, remove the meat and vegetables from the broth and let it cool. Do not dispense the cooking water; instead, you will cook the pasta (hard grain noodles) or rice. See, we are not talking here about specific dog products, but the ones that you normally use for you. When using pasta, drain partially and keep part of the broth to add to the other ingredients of the meal. If you are cooking rice, use only the amount of water needed for cooking the portion of the day. Reserve the remaining water for the cooking of the pasta or rice to be used in the coming days of the week, if you choose to cook the meat and vegetables for the week.

If you use chicken meat, cook it in pieces and be very careful to remove all small bones, as they are extremely dangerous because they tend to break and can puncture the stomach of your pet. If using fish, do the same for bones and spines.

Our animals can eat a wide variety of foods that we use in our diet. Beetroot contains antioxidants that help prevent vitamin E degradation. Orange vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin, mango, melon, when given raw are a source of beneficial antioxidants for the eyes. You can choose to offer some raw or daily vegetables or eventually according to your dog’s taste buds. Spinach, cabbage and cabbage are rich in trace elements and contain antioxidants that help the brain, eyes and body. All green leafy vegetables contain boron, which is another important nutrient for the proper functioning of the brain. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, especially, have anticarcinogenic properties, and as I have already mentioned they need to be ingested with a strand of olive oil or other vegetable oil.

Meat with vegetables can be cooked enough for the week’s meals and can be stored in a refrigerator, dispensing with the need for daily preparation. You only need to prepare the rice or pasta daily. Store the vegetable broth in the refrigerator and use small portions every day.

Try to serve the food of your warm furry, so the aroma is very inviting and does not run the risk of burning the tongue. Cooked food should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than 5 days. Although salt and olive oil are preservatives, the amount of salt should not be overdone. You should not use garlic or onion to prepare your dog’s food. These seasonings can be toxicfor him (actually garlic may be beneficial for dogs, but need to be cautious in using.) At the end of the article, I indicate a reading that speaks exactly about this; Can dog eat garlic?). Here at home, I prepare their food every 3 days to keep it as fresh as possible. But there is the possibility to cook the meal for up to 5 days and keep in the refrigerator, very well packed. If you want to increase the shelf life, pack it in the freezer, as it will hardly remain suitable for consumption after 5 days in the refrigerator.

Here on the blog you also find 10 recipes for homemade canine biscuits. If you are a vegetarian, you will know very well how to substitute the ingredients of the recipe proposed here, to offer your dog, all nutritional values in a balanced and appropriate way to your health exclusively through vegetables. I am particularly opposed to dog food based on vegetables, they are carnivorous animals and this should not be imposed on dogs as it goes against their nature. Dogs need 50% protein at each meal, so they should adjust their diet to meet this need. It is important to note that the meat-based protein should not be greasy in order not to cause weight gain. When preparing your dog’s food at home, you are offering a healthy and tasty food, and certainly the experience of your pet will be infinitely more pleasurable than that of a dog that only eats dry rations or canned foods. It is also advised that for your dog’s diet to be perfectly adequate, you add the recommended doses for your weight, a vitamin supplement such as Aminomix and also include in daily meals vitamin E, omega3 and omega6.

So, is not it easy to prepare a healthy meal daily for your furry? Try it, I’m sure your buddy will love it.

If you are convinced to prepare a homemade meal for your dog, I suggest reading the supplement of the article I wrote on the blog Can Dog Eat It? , which offers precious tips to anyone who wants to feed their dog with homemade food.

Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs

With the restless routine of the people, the ration became an ally of the tutors. This is because it is a practical, nutritious and specific food for dogs. For these reasons, many veterinarians only recommend this type of meal for pets. However, animal nutrition experts say that using homemade food in the dog’s diet can also be beneficial.

Faced with these divisions of opinion, many tutors ask themselves: ration or homemade food – which is best for the dog? According to veterinarian Ronaldo Araújo, in a video published in the channel My Pet with Health, both are healthy options and worthy of recommendations. However, it is necessary to know how to choose well, regardless of the type of diet adopted for the dog.


Benefits of Homemade Food

“If we assume that the home-cooked food is what we used to have, it’s food. You would take your plate, eat everything that was good and give food, as it used to be, that is totally contraindicated, “warns Ronaldo Araújo.

According to the veterinarian, when the tutor chooses a home feed, it is necessary to prepare specific meals for the dog . “We’re talking about balanced home-eating. A feeding thinking about the biology of the animal. I understand that my dog is a carnivorous animal and before that I will formulate a specific diet for him “, he clarifies.

In addition to preparing a meal exclusively for the dog, the tutor can still offer a diet free of preservatives and dyes , rich in nutrients and beneficial properties to meet the needs of the canine organism.

“Today we have veterinarians who work only with this, only with animal nutrition,” says the professional. For him, there is no problem in offering homemade food to the dog if it is prescribed by a veterinarian, respecting the biology of the pet.

Already to dribble the rush of the day to day and still offer a natural meal for the dogs, Ronaldo gives a tip . “I’ve seen sensational, totally responsible tutors. They freeze, do marmitinha and every day thaws and gives there for your animal. ”

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The Valspar has the quality policy to be recognized as a leader in the markets in which it operates by meeting the needs of its customers, with the commitment of all its employees in the maintenance and improvement of its Quality System. Based on ISO 9001, Valspar has developed an integrated system of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment that ensures quality in all products and working methods, as well as a responsible action in relation to the environment.

Valspar Corporation operates in the development, production, and commercialization of paints, varnishes, and coatings in general, conducting its business and operations in an ethical and responsible way, and for this, it undertakes:

Health and safety:

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Prevent pollution by reducing emissions to air, water and soil.

Reduce environmental impacts through recycling, reuse and recovery of waste.
Acting in a sustainable way regarding the use of natural and energy resources.
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The Executive Committee in Brazil will promote the structure and resources necessary to establish and maintain this Integrated Management Policy and monitor its compliance.

Since 1998 we have maintained our quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Based on the principles of continuous improvement established by this certification, we use tools such as Lean Six Sigma for the continuous improvement of our management towards excellence. This demonstrates Valspar’s commitment to customer satisfaction, effective data and process management, and continuous improvement of its performance.

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Cement recipe for floor tiles

Will need…

Mixer, Water (clean – can be from rain), Brita, Medium Sand and Cement CP V.

There are clients who use direct concrete in the formwork, others prefer to make a first layer and then come with the concrete. Let’s teach both ways.

types of masses: * 18-liter bucket (filled) Very Strong Concrete

1 bag of cement (CP V) 5 Buckets * (Medium Sand) 7 Buckets * (Brita 00) 1,5 Buckets * (Water)

Concrete Forte

  • 1 cement bag (CP V)
  • 7 Buckets * (Medium Sand) 10 Buckets * (Brita 00) 2 Buckets * (Water)

First layer

  • 1 cement bag (CP V) 5 Buckets * (Medium Sand PEN) 1.2 Buckets * (Water)

Clarifying the first layer: some think that this layer is to leave the piece more beautiful (smooth) can actually have the same quality (smooth) with direct concrete, the first layer serves, because all concrete over time goes when putting the concrete straight, it may happen that as the time passes, the gravel will appear and when the first layer is placed the appearance of the gravel will take longer. If you want to use the first layer use only enough to fill the bottom of the mold, because this layer does not have much resistance, so it is good to leave as much space as possible to put the concrete with the gravel.

Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Enshu

Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Enshu

Recently, especially with the merger with Western Digital, Toshiba has improved considerably with regard to mass storage devices. This small 8 GB flash drive is really fast to be a simple 2.0. It has a reading speed of 20 MB s while for writing we have 4 MB s, and thanks to its weight of only one gram, it is the most convenient and versatile to carry. Instead, remember to have it in your pants or you’ll definitely put it in the washing machine. Finally, even the price is really ridiculous and makes it one of the cheaper but at the same time quality pen drives.

Like when choosing the best smartphone, the best tablet or the best notebook, you still have to know the best pen drives Because these instruments are also subject to dangers that are not indifferent. It’s not nice to be in front of a USB pen that suddenly no longer works, and then lose all of the precious data it contained, even about the job. And it’s not nice to have a slow pen drive that takes tens of minutes to copy a few files. To make you enjoy the best and lasting choice we have made a selection for you. After showing you the best micro SD purchase guide and after informing you about the best external hard drives 2015, we now present you the guide to buying the best USB 2.0 and 3.0 flashlights from the cheapest to the most expensive Less capacious than those with the greatest amount of space, which have the right compromise between price and performance.

Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Hayabusa

We still show you a wonderful Toshiba model from the 32GB capacity, also with one of the best quality-price ratios that can be found on the market. Decreases data read speed compared to the previous model with 18 MB s, but increases writing speed by 5 MB s, and for the price it costs is satisfactory. Nice design also available in white color, very cumbersome and with a hole for attaching a keychain.

Best USB 2.0 Keys SanDisk Cruzer Fit

This is definitely one of the less bulky pen drives that exist. It simply consists of the only USB attachment and a small additional part it takes to pull it out of the door. Such a physiognomy allows it to be inserted anywhere without blocking the surrounding doors and without the risk of striking and breaking it. It also has a hood that allows it to easily locate it even though it’s really tiny, smaller than a euro coin to make the idea. Its capacity is 16 GB, and it is a shock-resistant, X-ray and waterproof pen drive. The pen does not disappoint either for the price-quality ratio, which despite a brand as important as SanDisk remains strictly ultra-cheap.

UberPop Out Of The Race, Win The Drivers. Rejected The Claim

UberPop Out Of The Race, Win The Drivers. Rejected The Claim

It ‘s official UberPop not restart to run for the Italian roads. A court in Milan has in fact confirmed the block in all of Italy app, rejecting the complaint on the merits brought by Uber. In recent weeks, in fact, the Milan court had already ordered an injunction to use the service, granting the appeal lodged by the trade associations of taxi drivers. The American company had made complaints, but there was nothing to do.

The story of UberPop

UberPop was introduced in Milan, Genoa, Turin and Padua, as of May 2014 anyone with a driver’s license for at least three years and with no criminal record binary options terpercaya, after downloading the app from the web, could use their car for a few hours a day, mo ‘taxi. In fact there was talk of accompanying users to number just over a reimbursement costs (and with a 20% to be paid to that Uber call served as a center).

Sixteen rebelled taxi cooperatives and May 26, 2015, the Milan judge ruled the precautionary suspension of UberPop. Then the complaint and, yesterday, the final rejection.

The written judgment

For the court lacks the transparency and security requirements. The ruling states that as a whole the price system of UberPop has not predetermined and transparent rules, and should not be of benefit to consumers. As for security, it appears to protect overriding public interest that everyone carried either by guarantees of efficiency of passenger cars, either through guarantees regarding the suitability, reliability and balance of drivers, and by appropriate insurance coverage.

Moreover, Uberpop not worth to limit in any way the pollution or traffic concentration, also because of the service customers probably in the absence of Uber would turn not to taxi drivers but to the means of scheduled public transport or use bicycle or city cars, the judges write, giving reasons for judgment.

The decision – right to remember later – about the only segment UberPop, UberBlack while the application continues to run in Rome and Milan. UberBlack is actually a taxi with professional driver with car ownership, with a VAT number, which is booked through the app Uber.

The American company, disappointed by the outcome of the complaint, stated that it assess any legal action claiming that the UberPop drivers have adequate insurance coverage, also having to comply with specific safety features.

10 Ideas To Be Copied To Beautify The Kitchen With Plants

10 Ideas To Be Copied To Beautify The Kitchen With Plants

If you are a plant lover and like to place them a little ‘everywhere, around the house, this book of ideas is perfect for you! The plants, in addition to being delicate objects, to take care to see them grow and change over time, are also excellent furnishing accessories. Wonderful resources that allow us to make the environments of our unique home, with some little foresight and this more opportunity. Usually we think to stay, when we talk about using plants to decorate, but today we’ll show you 10 examples of kitchens that thanks to the plants have taken on a whole new look! Are you curious

A simple geometrical volume

We discover the strong geometry of the box in plaster and glass that makes up the structure of the house. The facade opens onto a patio and a green garden, optimal space in which to enjoy a little ‘sweet nothing. We enter the heart of this home by futuristic and minimalist style.

Glass from floor to ceiling!

Once inside, you feel out! Herein lies the genius of the architect, who created the illusion of being inside, the mind actually is only protected by glass on three dimensions. In fact, the wide doors are made entirely of glass, as well as the roof and the floor. Small light-colored tiles line the rest of the floor, ensuring complete consistency between internal and external.

bright spaces

Inside we are flooded spaces of light and furnished with white furniture with elegant lines. The refinement and purity of this space are almost palpable and make us feel like we were in a haven of luxury. White is the color of modernity, it features all the most elegant interior and is suitable for all seasons, at all times of the year, as recent events demonstrate and design exhibitions.

A fantastic patio

The day is late and the sky is tinged with a blue nice, you can safely enjoy staying in the comfort of home. Once lit, the different parts of the house become a show of transparencies and lights filtered by translucent coatings. An image of such a beauty that can not tire out those who admires.

An oasis of light

Once night fell, the house changes and becomes bright in the dark oasis. Despite the omnipresence of the glass surfaces, the intimacy of the interior spaces is guaranteed and protected by the way noticed that the project was managed. It must be nice to sleep every night under the stars!

How To Detect And Remove Dust From The Sensor Of Our Reflex

How To Detect And Remove Dust From The Sensor Of Our Reflex

Dust on the sensor is something inevitable and unfortunately, when present, appears on the photos, which forces us to figure out how to locate and remove.

You have probably already seen some dots on your pictures: the small dots that blacks tend to be sharper when using very narrow opening. To see if it is actually dust or dirt on the sensor, we can do a simple experiment: put your camera in manual mode, you restrict the opening down to values ??of f / 16-22 (or the minimum available) and set the shutter speed to approximately 1 second.

Locate a clean part of the wall and take a photo sewa lcd proyektor semarang. Before running the photos, blurry as possible the wall: in this way any marks on the wall will not be captured by the sensor and the only thing that will leave, the final picture, the signs will be visible just dust on the sensor.

This system is simple and banal, it is more effective than the “manual” which consists of removing the lens and observe with our own eyes the sensor itself: do this means exposing the sensor to air and then draw (has a static charge ) dust on the sensor itself.

Now, if you have found the dust, you have to eliminate it in order to get back photos clean. There are four methods that can be performed. Before you see them in detail, carry a list of things not to do as they would worsen the situation.

Never blow on the sensor to remove dust. There is moisture in the breath.
Do not use aerosol air. They can produce moisture.
Do not use your finger, never touch the sensor.

Remove dust from the sensor: Method 1

Most cameras have a function to clean the sensor, function which usually kicks in whenever you turn off the camera (which is Nikon Canon). This function is nothing other than a micro-vibrations of the sensor itself the function of which is to drop the dust from the main surface. Obviously this system works adequately and can be used any number of times through the camera menus, then before a more thorough cleaning I recommend you try this system a bit ‘of times and then evaluate the result with a picture of the wall ( as the first).

Remove dust from the sensor: Method 2

Buy a pipette air, possibly with long neck. So go into the camera menu and find the option for manual sensor cleaning. This option allows you to raise the mirrors and then allow access to the sensor. Approach the blower to dust particles (help with the photo to locate the exact spot) and blow, with patience and never touch the pump with the sensor, the dust. One possible solution is the pump Konig

15 Small Town Homes That Will Inspire You To Build Your

15 Small Town Homes That Will Inspire You To Build Your

The main attraction of a country house is the surrounding environment and the relationship with nature. This means that the house may be small, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Today we present 15 small cottages, by design solasbars, by materials and different styles, but with a lot in common the functionality, comfort and quality and composition of the materials, which can be an inspiration to those who dream of a small, practical and compact cottage.

With a large terrace

All those who love the country life, seeking a direct and intense contact with nature and the rural environment. In this cottage, plus a large porch, the house offers a large outdoor terrace that invites residents to enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility.

clear and soothing tones

This room is an incredible refinement, seems a delicate garden … indoors! Here too we find chairs outside, extremely refined, perfect for a living room in which to receive with the utmost elegance. The choice of colors, then, is impeccable the white enhances the natural brightness, beige gives a courtly tone and sought after.

A living room flooded with light

This show is full of details, colors, textures and plane of light! It’s easy to imagine it full of people living joyful moments, is the ideal place to collect fond memories, because there is room for everyone, the sofas are large and there is plenty of space for children to play on earth. Very nice the arch that separates this space from that seen earlier, more intimate and cozy.

touches of color

It is easy to see that white is the dominant color throughout the house, however, it is left ample room for touches of color. In the bathroom there is orange to break the monochrome, giving a very lively note.

A play of textures

In a country house can not miss the floral texture! In the bedroom there are at will, expertly alternating with more geometric and modern – such as that of the carpet. On the ground there is a beautiful parquet in the seventies style. The effect is of great heat.

A dream garden

This garden is perfect for anything you want to do! With all this space you can create a pool, install the games, a tennis court, or simply furnish it with care and draw enchanting spaces in which to relax in the company.