Milk in the diet of dogs – Can dogs drink milk?

Can dogs after adults drink cow’s milk? Can I give cow’s milk to puppies? Is it true that dogs can not drink milk? Can dogs drink milk? These are really very common questions among young fathers and mothers of dogs. Let’s think together, milk is a drink that is very popular among humans, dogs, and […]

Homemade Dog Food Recipe – How should I prepare my dog’s food?

When preparing homemade dog food, the meat should be cooked in plenty of water, with a little salt, along with the already chopped vegetables, which can be varied, depending on what you have at home. One day you can use pods and carrots along with leaves such as spinach or cabbage. Another day, you can […]

Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs

With the restless routine of the people, the ration became an ally of the tutors. This is because it is a practical, nutritious and specific food for dogs. For these reasons, many veterinarians only recommend this type of meal for pets. However, animal nutrition experts say that using homemade food in the dog’s diet can […]