Tips to Lead an Effective Meeting for a Brilliant Career

Have you ever been asked to lead a work meeting at the office? Then, the question arises in me whether I can lead a meeting today?

If this ever happens, and you accept to chair the meeting, it is a new learning that will be obtained without having to fear less confidence when leading the meeting.

Remember that the purpose of the meeting is to create an atmosphere that is conducive and effective and efficient.

When there is a meeting in the office, you are elected to lead the meeting actually have a chance to show self-confidence when chairing the meeting.

At that time, colleagues also will be able to see how you manage the responsibilities are large enough.

This will certainly be an investment for a career going forward. To be a good meeting leader, you need to know some tips. Check out the reviews below.

1. Meeting No More Equal

The atmosphere of the meeting is synonymous with the formal atmosphere. However, a common complaint from this meeting is the sense of boredom and drowsiness that sometimes enough.

A good meeting leader must be able to run the meeting effectively and efficiently with a short amount of time.

Try to lead a meeting for no more than an hour, but the discussion is complete. Starting from the explanation of the purpose of discussion, to listen to the opinions of participants.

2. Stand when Leading Meetings

As we chair the meeting in a standing position, the meeting participants will focus more on us and on the discussions than the meeting leaders who choose to sit in the chair.

This is evidenced by the American Psychological Association’s study that stand up meeting 34 percent shorter than those who only sit in the seat only.

3. Avoid Update Meeting

Instead, as a meeting leader you avoid meeting updates that will only waste time. If there is an urgent thing that needs to be done meeting then do it briefly.

4. Meeting No More Than Seven Persons

Ideally, the meeting participants should not exceed seven people, because the greater the number of meeting participants who attend the meeting, the more participants who actually do not contribute directly and do not speak. This is proven, and has been studied by a professor from Harvard Business School, Axtell.

5. Creating Agenda and Purpose of Meeting

Before the meeting, you should be appointed to chair the meeting, make the agenda and goals before the meeting begins. This needs to be done to make the meeting more targeted and more efficient of course.

6. Use Private Meeting Room

If you work in a company that provides private meeting room facilities, take advantage of the facility. Meetings will be more conducive if supported by supporting technology, such as projector or internet facility to support the meeting.

Shown Confidence

Leading a meeting requires high self-esteem, so try to come up with confidence when you have to lead a meeting. That way, you will appear with the maximum and the meeting will run smoothly.

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