Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Enshu

Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Enshu

Recently, especially with the merger with Western Digital, Toshiba has improved considerably with regard to mass storage devices. This small 8 GB flash drive is really fast to be a simple 2.0. It has a reading speed of 20 MB s while for writing we have 4 MB s, and thanks to its weight of only one gram, it is the most convenient and versatile to carry. Instead, remember to have it in your pants or you’ll definitely put it in the washing machine. Finally, even the price is really ridiculous and makes it one of the cheaper but at the same time quality pen drives.

Like when choosing the best smartphone, the best tablet or the best notebook, you still have to know the best pen drives Because these instruments are also subject to dangers that are not indifferent. It’s not nice to be in front of a USB pen that suddenly no longer works, and then lose all of the precious data it contained, even about the job. And it’s not nice to have a slow pen drive that takes tens of minutes to copy a few files. To make you enjoy the best and lasting choice we have made a selection for you. After showing you the best micro SD purchase guide and after informing you about the best external hard drives 2015, we now present you the guide to buying the best USB 2.0 and 3.0 flashlights from the cheapest to the most expensive Less capacious than those with the greatest amount of space, which have the right compromise between price and performance.

Best USB 2.0 Keyboards Toshiba Hayabusa

We still show you a wonderful Toshiba model from the 32GB capacity, also with one of the best quality-price ratios that can be found on the market. Decreases data read speed compared to the previous model with 18 MB s, but increases writing speed by 5 MB s, and for the price it costs is satisfactory. Nice design also available in white color, very cumbersome and with a hole for attaching a keychain.

Best USB 2.0 Keys SanDisk Cruzer Fit

This is definitely one of the less bulky pen drives that exist. It simply consists of the only USB attachment and a small additional part it takes to pull it out of the door. Such a physiognomy allows it to be inserted anywhere without blocking the surrounding doors and without the risk of striking and breaking it. It also has a hood that allows it to easily locate it even though it’s really tiny, smaller than a euro coin to make the idea. Its capacity is 16 GB, and it is a shock-resistant, X-ray and waterproof pen drive. The pen does not disappoint either for the price-quality ratio, which despite a brand as important as SanDisk remains strictly ultra-cheap.

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