Cement recipe for floor tiles

Will need…

Mixer, Water (clean – can be from rain), Brita, Medium Sand and Cement CP V.

There are clients who use direct concrete in the formwork, others prefer to make a first layer and then come with the concrete. Let’s teach both ways.

types of masses: * 18-liter bucket (filled) Very Strong Concrete

1 bag of cement (CP V) 5 Buckets * (Medium Sand) 7 Buckets * (Brita 00) 1,5 Buckets * (Water)

Concrete Forte

  • 1 cement bag (CP V)
  • 7 Buckets * (Medium Sand) 10 Buckets * (Brita 00) 2 Buckets * (Water)

First layer

  • 1 cement bag (CP V) 5 Buckets * (Medium Sand PEN) 1.2 Buckets * (Water)

Clarifying the first layer: some think that this layer is to leave the piece more beautiful (smooth) can actually have the same quality (smooth) with direct concrete, the first layer serves, because all concrete over time goes when putting the concrete straight, it may happen that as the time passes, the gravel will appear and when the first layer is placed the appearance of the gravel will take longer. If you want to use the first layer use only enough to fill the bottom of the mold, because this layer does not have much resistance, so it is good to leave as much space as possible to put the concrete with the gravel.

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