UberPop Out Of The Race, Win The Drivers. Rejected The Claim

UberPop Out Of The Race, Win The Drivers. Rejected The Claim

It ‘s official UberPop not restart to run for the Italian roads. A court in Milan has in fact confirmed the block in all of Italy app, rejecting the complaint on the merits brought by Uber. In recent weeks, in fact, the Milan court had already ordered an injunction to use the service, granting the appeal lodged by the trade associations of taxi drivers. The American company had made complaints, but there was nothing to do.

The story of UberPop

UberPop was introduced in Milan, Genoa, Turin and Padua, as of May 2014 anyone with a driver’s license for at least three years and with no criminal record binary options terpercaya, after downloading the app from the web, could use their car for a few hours a day, mo ‘taxi. In fact there was talk of accompanying users to number just over a reimbursement costs (and with a 20% to be paid to that Uber call served as a center).

Sixteen rebelled taxi cooperatives and May 26, 2015, the Milan judge ruled the precautionary suspension of UberPop. Then the complaint and, yesterday, the final rejection.

The written judgment

For the court lacks the transparency and security requirements. The ruling states that as a whole the price system of UberPop has not predetermined and transparent rules, and should not be of benefit to consumers. As for security, it appears to protect overriding public interest that everyone carried either by guarantees of efficiency of passenger cars, either through guarantees regarding the suitability, reliability and balance of drivers, and by appropriate insurance coverage.

Moreover, Uberpop not worth to limit in any way the pollution or traffic concentration, also because of the service customers probably in the absence of Uber would turn not to taxi drivers but to the means of scheduled public transport or use bicycle or city cars, the judges write, giving reasons for judgment.

The decision – right to remember later – about the only segment UberPop, UberBlack while the application continues to run in Rome and Milan. UberBlack is actually a taxi with professional driver with car ownership, with a VAT number, which is booked through the app Uber.

The American company, disappointed by the outcome of the complaint, stated that it assess any legal action claiming that the UberPop drivers have adequate insurance coverage, also having to comply with specific safety features.

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