Milk in the diet of dogs – Can dogs drink milk?

Can dogs after adults drink cow’s milk? Can I give cow’s milk to puppies? Is it true that dogs can not drink milk? Can dogs drink milk?

These are really very common questions among young fathers and mothers of dogs.

Let’s think together, milk is a drink that is very popular among humans, dogs, and cats, after all we are mammals, are not we? Plus it’s clear to be delicious! Milk, imagine, milk is used to make lots of treats like cakes, pieces of bread, pastries, ice cream, yogurts, my dogs for example, are in love with yogurt! Of course, all this is delicious! It is not uncommon to say that milk does very well for teeth, which contains calcium and also does very well for our skin, many creams are made with milk, not only cow, but goats for example. For our young children supposedly give cow’s milk it is extremely important to maintain vitamin D levels in the body, about 2 cups a day in growing age, without affecting iron levels.

Which makes us think that milk is a great source of energy and a very healthy way of getting nutrition. Whether accompanied by cereals, cookies, or even in a glass of pure milk, we are accustomed to consuming huge amounts of milk during our lives, including at maturity, when drinking milk is supposed to prevent old age diseases such as osteoporosis. But the question that interests you is different, we drink milk, it does not hurt us, on the contrary, but can my dog drink milk too? Is drinking milk bad for my dog?

Can dogs drink milk? – Whenever I talk to you here on the blog, I suggest a reflection to go back to the past, imagining how old our relationship with dogs is and how much our habits regarding feeding our dogs have been changing over the last decades due to the industrialization of food. This simple thought will surely answer our question immediately: Can dogs drink milk?

Yes, dogs can drink milk . However, like many humans, most dogs are lactose intolerant. This does not mean that the milk will necessarily do harm to your puppy, it means that they have more difficulty digesting the milk as well as some of us. Some dogs lack enzymes, which are organic substances needed to digest the sugars found in milk, and therefore for most dogs it turns out to be very difficult to digest the milk.

Although dogs love milk, they find the palate and the aroma of milk very delicious. It is also important to demystify this issue of milk intolerance by puppies. There are some dogs that are not lactose intolerant and they can drink milk without having any kind of alteration in their digestion. In some countries such as Hungary, shepherd dogsLocal are created with a rich diet based on goat milk, not only drinking milk, but also eating several sub-products derived from milk. Even for a dog who is lactose intolerant, it may also be very good for him to drink a little milk from time to time, however, this milk should be completely skimmed. My large dogs, when they are a little nauseated, take a little milk, an American cup, and it is very clear that they end up getting better in the stomach.

If your dog is still young, avoid experimenting with whole milk and do not force it in large quantities. If your dog is old and you have never offered milk, perhaps it is better not to offer it.

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