The Valspar has the quality policy to be recognized as a leader in the markets in which it operates by meeting the needs of its customers, with the commitment of all its employees in the maintenance and improvement of its Quality System. Based on ISO 9001, Valspar has developed an integrated system of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment that ensures quality in all products and working methods, as well as a responsible action in relation to the environment.

Valspar Corporation operates in the development, production, and commercialization of paints, varnishes, and coatings in general, conducting its business and operations in an ethical and responsible way, and for this, it undertakes:

Health and safety:

  • Prevent injuries, injuries, and damage to the health of employees, contractors, and visitors.
  • Prevent accidents in our processes.
  • Comply with the legal definitions and internal regulations applicable to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.


Prevent pollution by reducing emissions to air, water and soil.

Reduce environmental impacts through recycling, reuse and recovery of waste.
Acting in a sustainable way regarding the use of natural and energy resources.
Comply with the legal requirements and internal standards related to environmental preservation.

  • Seek the satisfaction of our internal and external customers, meeting applicable requirements, needs and expectations.
  • Ensure compliance with this Policy, ensuring compliance with the objectives established by the Quality Management System.
  • With the involvement of our employees and the development of their skills and abilities, we ensure the establishment of Management Systems in Health and Safety, Environment, and Quality based on the process of continuous improvement.

The Executive Committee in Brazil will promote the structure and resources necessary to establish and maintain this Integrated Management Policy and monitor its compliance.

Since 1998 we have maintained our quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Based on the principles of continuous improvement established by this certification, we use tools such as Lean Six Sigma for the continuous improvement of our management towards excellence. This demonstrates Valspar’s commitment to customer satisfaction, effective data and process management, and continuous improvement of its performance.

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