10 Ideas To Be Copied To Beautify The Kitchen With Plants

10 Ideas To Be Copied To Beautify The Kitchen With Plants

If you are a plant lover and like to place them a little ‘everywhere, around the house, this book of ideas is perfect for you! The plants, in addition to being delicate objects, to take care to see them grow and change over time, are also excellent furnishing accessories. Wonderful resources that allow us to make the environments of our unique home, with some little foresight and this more opportunity. Usually we think to stay, when we talk about using plants to decorate, but today we’ll show you 10 examples of kitchens that thanks to the plants have taken on a whole new look! Are you curious

A simple geometrical volume

We discover the strong geometry of the box in plaster and glass that makes up the structure of the house. The facade opens onto a patio and a green garden, optimal space in which to enjoy a little ‘sweet nothing. We enter the heart of this home by futuristic and minimalist style.

Glass from floor to ceiling!

Once inside, you feel out! Herein lies the genius of the architect, who created the illusion of being inside, the mind actually is only protected by glass on three dimensions. In fact, the wide doors are made entirely of glass, as well as the roof and the floor. Small light-colored tiles line the rest of the floor, ensuring complete consistency between internal and external.

bright spaces

Inside we are flooded spaces of light and furnished with white furniture with elegant lines. The refinement and purity of this space are almost palpable and make us feel like we were in a haven of luxury. White is the color of modernity, it features all the most elegant interior and is suitable for all seasons, at all times of the year, as recent events demonstrate and design exhibitions.

A fantastic patio

The day is late and the sky is tinged with a blue nice, you can safely enjoy staying in the comfort of home. Once lit, the different parts of the house become a show of transparencies and lights filtered by translucent coatings. An image of such a beauty that can not tire out those who admires.

An oasis of light

Once night fell, the house changes and becomes bright in the dark oasis. Despite the omnipresence of the glass surfaces, the intimacy of the interior spaces is guaranteed and protected by the way noticed that the project was managed. It must be nice to sleep every night under the stars!

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