15 Small Town Homes That Will Inspire You To Build Your

15 Small Town Homes That Will Inspire You To Build Your

The main attraction of a country house is the surrounding environment and the relationship with nature. This means that the house may be small, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Today we present 15 small cottages, by design solasbars, by materials and different styles, but with a lot in common the functionality, comfort and quality and composition of the materials, which can be an inspiration to those who dream of a small, practical and compact cottage.

With a large terrace

All those who love the country life, seeking a direct and intense contact with nature and the rural environment. In this cottage, plus a large porch, the house offers a large outdoor terrace that invites residents to enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility.

clear and soothing tones

This room is an incredible refinement, seems a delicate garden … indoors! Here too we find chairs outside, extremely refined, perfect for a living room in which to receive with the utmost elegance. The choice of colors, then, is impeccable the white enhances the natural brightness, beige gives a courtly tone and sought after.

A living room flooded with light

This show is full of details, colors, textures and plane of light! It’s easy to imagine it full of people living joyful moments, is the ideal place to collect fond memories, because there is room for everyone, the sofas are large and there is plenty of space for children to play on earth. Very nice the arch that separates this space from that seen earlier, more intimate and cozy.

touches of color

It is easy to see that white is the dominant color throughout the house, however, it is left ample room for touches of color. In the bathroom there is orange to break the monochrome, giving a very lively note.

A play of textures

In a country house can not miss the floral texture! In the bedroom there are at will, expertly alternating with more geometric and modern – such as that of the carpet. On the ground there is a beautiful parquet in the seventies style. The effect is of great heat.

A dream garden

This garden is perfect for anything you want to do! With all this space you can create a pool, install the games, a tennis court, or simply furnish it with care and draw enchanting spaces in which to relax in the company.

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