Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs

With the restless routine of the people, the ration became an ally of the tutors. This is because it is a practical, nutritious and specific food for dogs. For these reasons, many veterinarians only recommend this type of meal for pets. However, animal nutrition experts say that using homemade food in the dog’s diet can also be beneficial.

Faced with these divisions of opinion, many tutors ask themselves: ration or homemade food – which is best for the dog? According to veterinarian Ronaldo Araújo, in a video published in the channel My Pet with Health, both are healthy options and worthy of recommendations. However, it is necessary to know how to choose well, regardless of the type of diet adopted for the dog.


Benefits of Homemade Food

“If we assume that the home-cooked food is what we used to have, it’s food. You would take your plate, eat everything that was good and give food, as it used to be, that is totally contraindicated, “warns Ronaldo Araújo.

According to the veterinarian, when the tutor chooses a home feed, it is necessary to prepare specific meals for the dog . “We’re talking about balanced home-eating. A feeding thinking about the biology of the animal. I understand that my dog is a carnivorous animal and before that I will formulate a specific diet for him “, he clarifies.

In addition to preparing a meal exclusively for the dog, the tutor can still offer a diet free of preservatives and dyes , rich in nutrients and beneficial properties to meet the needs of the canine organism.

“Today we have veterinarians who work only with this, only with animal nutrition,” says the professional. For him, there is no problem in offering homemade food to the dog if it is prescribed by a veterinarian, respecting the biology of the pet.

Already to dribble the rush of the day to day and still offer a natural meal for the dogs, Ronaldo gives a tip . “I’ve seen sensational, totally responsible tutors. They freeze, do marmitinha and every day thaws and gives there for your animal. ”

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