Tips to Lead an Effective Meeting for a Brilliant Career

Have you ever been asked to lead a work meeting at the office? Then, the question arises in me whether I can lead a meeting today? If this ever happens, and you accept to chair the meeting, it is a new learning that will be obtained without having to fear less confidence when leading the […]

These 6 Ways to Restore Morale

Keeping yourself excited about working is not as easy as turning your palms. The same routine every day makes us bored, even become lazy while working. As a result, work performance becomes decreased as well as the level of productivity. To get excited about working, you need something a little different than usual. Check out […]

List of 10 Most Deadly Diseases in the World

Healthy living and quality is the hope of every human living on earth. But in reality, people are always faced with various illnesses in the course of their lives, ranging from mild illness to chronic diseases that kill. So what is a Disease? In the Indonesian dictionary, Disease is a health disorder caused by bacteria, […]

Foods That Contain The Highest Vitamin C Source

Vitamin C is one of the most important types of Vitamins for the human body, especially in improving human immune by way of preventing various diseases and free radicals. In addition to boosting human immunity, Vitamin C is also needed in the human body to form cells and blood vessels, maintaining healthy teeth and gums […]