How To Detect And Remove Dust From The Sensor Of Our Reflex

How To Detect And Remove Dust From The Sensor Of Our Reflex

Dust on the sensor is something inevitable and unfortunately, when present, appears on the photos, which forces us to figure out how to locate and remove.

You have probably already seen some dots on your pictures: the small dots that blacks tend to be sharper when using very narrow opening. To see if it is actually dust or dirt on the sensor, we can do a simple experiment: put your camera in manual mode, you restrict the opening down to values ??of f / 16-22 (or the minimum available) and set the shutter speed to approximately 1 second.

Locate a clean part of the wall and take a photo sewa lcd proyektor semarang. Before running the photos, blurry as possible the wall: in this way any marks on the wall will not be captured by the sensor and the only thing that will leave, the final picture, the signs will be visible just dust on the sensor.

This system is simple and banal, it is more effective than the “manual” which consists of removing the lens and observe with our own eyes the sensor itself: do this means exposing the sensor to air and then draw (has a static charge ) dust on the sensor itself.

Now, if you have found the dust, you have to eliminate it in order to get back photos clean. There are four methods that can be performed. Before you see them in detail, carry a list of things not to do as they would worsen the situation.

Never blow on the sensor to remove dust. There is moisture in the breath.
Do not use aerosol air. They can produce moisture.
Do not use your finger, never touch the sensor.

Remove dust from the sensor: Method 1

Most cameras have a function to clean the sensor, function which usually kicks in whenever you turn off the camera (which is Nikon Canon). This function is nothing other than a micro-vibrations of the sensor itself the function of which is to drop the dust from the main surface. Obviously this system works adequately and can be used any number of times through the camera menus, then before a more thorough cleaning I recommend you try this system a bit ‘of times and then evaluate the result with a picture of the wall ( as the first).

Remove dust from the sensor: Method 2

Buy a pipette air, possibly with long neck. So go into the camera menu and find the option for manual sensor cleaning. This option allows you to raise the mirrors and then allow access to the sensor. Approach the blower to dust particles (help with the photo to locate the exact spot) and blow, with patience and never touch the pump with the sensor, the dust. One possible solution is the pump Konig

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