Perfect outline: With adhesive tape

Hi loves, how are you? Hope so!
Then one thing is for sure girls, makeup on the eyelid is very difficult, and not all of us have coordination, just as often one side is different from the other …

But there are practical techniques for these problems, and just go training, which soon you get the hang of it.
So I’m going to teach you how to make the famous kitten outfit perfect with duct tape, which you probably have at home. Come on ?!

It’s super easy, you just need to cut two small pieces of tape, then paste it on the eyelid and underneath, just like it is in the photo:

After this is just passing the eyeliner, I recommend using it in a gel. Expect to dry and remove the tapes and ready… It is very perfect!

Here below shows the types of outlining:

Image Source:

That’s it for today! Thank you, girls, come back always

Coffee Shampoo: Homemade Recipe to Stimulate Hair Growth.

But before that I will explain, this shampoo is a method that really works since it has already been scientifically tested and there are several studies that prove that caffeine accelerates hair growth. In addition to helping with growth, the hair looks super soft and shiny!
Note: My hair grew 11 cm in a month! *

How to Make Homemade Coffee Shampoo: You will need: 1 Shampoo 300 ml (preferably neutral, those transparent); 3 tablespoons of caffeine powder (it is more recommended to use powder because coffee beans do not have the same dose of caffeine) How to prepare: Add 3 tablespoons of caffeine to the shampoo bottle and mix well. (do not be alarmed if the shampoo gets otherwise, for example, more liquid)

How to use: The caffeine shampoo should be used as a normal shampoo, it is only you gently massage the scalp in circular movements, let the product act for a few minutes and then rinse well, then, as usual, you pass the cream and ready. (you can use before or after the coffee shampoo a normal shampoo of your choice)

Some questions:

❤ Use the shampoo once or twice a week for a month, and a break of 15 days or more, so your hair does not get used to the shampoo, if it accustoms the effect will not be the same, it will grow less;
❤ In 15 days your hair may already have results;
Lo Blonde hair may change the tone because of caffeine, but it is nothing definite;
(I.e.Make sure to moisturize your hair, because the coffee shampoo is not hydrating;
❤ Your hair will not smell the coffee;
❤ Other questions just leave a comment. * Clarifying about size: Each hair grows according to your body, each person is different! When I saw this recipe the person showed that it grew 7 cm, and in searches 2 cm, 4 cm …. So I can not say how many cm your hair will grow.

How To Make Hair Grow Using Tomato

Hi, my love, how are you?
The subject of today will be about hair since you like it so much, and how not to love it when it grows super fast? For this reason, he brought another homemade recipe using tomatoes that will make him grow a lot!

But first I wanted to say that applying tomatoes in moisturizing leaves your hair soft, strong, with a lot of luster, and in addition helps fight dandruff and hair loss because this food is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant, astringent and antiseptic!
So beautiful no one deserves to be with the wires detonated is not it ?! With this recipe, your hair will look gorgeous, silky and grow quickly, but I know you’re going to ask “Why does hair grow fast using tomatoes?” I will explain, on account of the active principles in tomato, when you apply the blend on the root of your hair, it will lim pair deeply the scalp and this will speed up hair growth. Good love any questions just leave a comment!

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 peeled tomato

How to prepare: Put the chopped tomato in the blender with the water and beat until a homogeneous mixture.

How to use: Apply the mixture to the scalp in a circular motion, then pass to the tips and leave well wet; for better absorption it is good to be with dry hair and preferably dirty; let the mixture act on the hair for an hour and then wash as usual; its focus is to make hair grow fast, so you will use this recipe three times a week.

Extra tip: For those who just want to moisturize their hair.

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 peeled tomato
  • Moisturizing mask or cream

How to prepare: Repeat the same process on top, and then mix in your mask or cream.

How to use: Apply the mixture throughout the hair, or only at the tips; let it act for 20 minutes and after that wash as usual; use the recipe once a week and your hair will look soft, shiny and super-hydrated.

Best Drones Jamara 038560 Flyscout

Best Drones Jamara 038560 Flyscout

An important feature of this quadricopter is that it has LED lights that surround its entire perimeter, and that’s why this is the most easy-to-drive drone at night time for its price range. Another advantage is that it is virtually the top for entertainment as it can make flip 360 degrees in addition to traditional controls. If you buy this drone you will also have the ability to shoot pretty detailed videos (though with a resolution that is not the top) with the built-in video camera on a micro SD with a capacity of 2 GB. There are also 3 speeds to be easily piloted by any type of user and a compass function in the remote control to guide you. The only disadvantage is the autonomy, as costing this drone slightly more than the previous we would have expected a lifetime slightly better than the standard 7-8 minutes. For the rest, great drone with a fairly good value for money ratio.

Best drones Syma X11c

The main advantage of this quadricopter is the presence of a 2 megapixel camera that can record high quality video as it costs HD game ppsspp, and this is a technical specification that greatly enhances its value and price-quality ratio. Another important advantage is the possibility of applying protective covers for the propellers so that the drone is absolutely safe to fly even for the less experienced user. Another advantage is the presence of LED lights that make the quadricopter easy to drive here even at night. Also the stability control of this drone is worthy of note, and even a child would be able to drive it decently. There are also 2 modes to drive the device to your liking and the possibility of flip 360 degrees and various translations. The only Achilles heel of this device is autonomy, which fluctuates between 5 and 8 minutes, but this is a problem shared by most drones on this price range

Best drones Syma X8G

The strength of this quadricopter is the presence of an exceptional video camera that even has a resolution of 8 megapixels and can be considered a copy of the famous GoPro. The camcorder records amazing 30fps full HD movies or 60fps HD, and can rotate 360 degrees while it is connected to the flying drone. But it’s not over here, because the camcorder is also removable from the drone and this means bringing home less than 200 euros even a stand alone camera, a real deal

Best Professional Drones DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Best Professional Drones DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Even this device is impeccable and if it is not that it is not exactly suitable for all pockets we would recommend it to all lovers of the genre. To begin with, despite being a professional drone, the ease in driving it is extreme and suitable for all types of users. This is also thanks to a remote control that is very accurate as it guarantees excellent control stability and also thanks to it we can drive the drone up to 2 kilometers away. Another important advantage is the camera, a 12.76 Megapixel Sony Exmor, which also records in 4K to 25 FPS as well as HD and Full HD up to a maximum of 60 FPS. Also this drone is immancably controllable by smartphones and tablets and offers streaming and GPS connectivity. The battery life of 4480 mAh is also very good. It can fly 20 minutes in continuous flight. We do not hear any particular disadvantage of this drone as we do not have it.

Best professional drones 3D Robotics Iris +

3D Robotics is the most famous American manufacturer of robotics, and has managed to achieve an excellent drone, only for professionals teknorus. We want to start with its advantages, before talking about the extreme practicality of driving it, starting with software. It is completely customizable as an open source, and even allows you to schedule the flight and landing of the drone automatically, as well as changing flight modes without having to drive the device. You can even create it with pre-defined flight path software that the drone will go through automatically, making it great for video surveillance. It is also possible to frame something or someone from the top and follow it in its movements automatically. Extreme stability and ease with which you can drive, which makes it also suitable for entertainment. The ultimate advantage is the ability to link any action room, better than a GoPro. The only flaw is the autonomy ranging from 16 to a maximum of 22 minutes.This camcorder features DJI Focus, that is, the ability to focus manually and in real time via the remote control, a feature that is useful and not present in other models

Best Professional Drones DJI Drone Inspire 1

Inspire 1 is what we consider to be the best ready-to-fly drone released before. The main advantage of this quadricopter is the presence of a powerful 16-megapixel Zenmuse X5 camera that can record video at 4K to 24 FPS.

6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

Our patio can become the center of our home, the place where we spend our free time, especially in favorable seasons.

But its quality depends on us the care and dedication that profondiamo in the care of this very special place in our house.To have a nice patio there is no need for large economic investments, just to have good aesthetic parameters and meet a series of guidelines to follow to get the maximum from these places. Unfortunately, some people think that they are necessary considerable installation and maintenance expenses for which, although they have a patio or garden, prefer to leave it unused.

It is precisely for this reason that we propose, below, a number of tips through which to improve your outdoor space.

What is important is that at the end of this reading along with your family and your friends, you enjoy the most of the pleasures that these spaces can offer. Ready Read on!

Between the bedroom and terrace

The new designs of the spaces allow to annex to the bedroom a small terrace adjacent, also inside the room itself. With the right proportion and placement of fixed and sliding door panels it will be almost imperceptible division between environments, ensuring plenty of light but also a meaning to the eclectic room.

A wardrobe with three sliding doors

For a cabinet designed with sliding doors, ideal to be opened and closed in all practicality, it is normal to have three movable facades, depending on the portions of space that you want to read. This will make it easier and more functional view precisely the sector concerned and also keep more visual order within the room.

A sliding metal door

In this image is clearly visible division between the dining room and kitchen, through a metal sliding door. When open, the two spaces will be visually integrated; when closed two actually seem detached units and also acoustically separated.

A sliding door colorful

Here is a very colorful wardrobe with fixed wings and neutral sliding doors. Four facades are in fact didpinte only the two side, so as to alternate a sober mood to a more playful. The white on the central portions, means that mobile looks vibrant and colorful thanks to the elements stored themselves, by additions to the products.

An all-glass sliding door

An all-glass sliding door is ideal for dividing the space between the kitchen and a small inner install green very special and unique. The lights from spotlights then allow the glass to reflect the light and create a striking spread by implementing the so-called effect Wow!

Advice On How To Organize A Low Cost Trip To San Francisco

Advice On How To Organize A Low Cost Trip To San Francisco

San Francisco, oh my San Francisco, if only I were not so dear …

Mistaken! You will be amazed to know how many free activities you can find in this seductive city. Today we will show you how to organize a low cost vacation in San Francisco. You are ready


The key to a low cost travel is, first of all, to choose a cheap accommodation, especially if you intend to stay several days in the city best time to visit mexico. In San Francisco you can stay in hotels starting at around $ 80 a night and Union Square is the headquarters for this kind of compromise. If you have a good spirit of adaptation, we recommend the hostels in San Francisco where you can stay overnight with just $ 30.

Pass for attractions

To visit all that the city has to offer, the CityPASS or Go Card San Francisco is a perfect and cheap solution. With this pass you will have access to the California Academy of Sciences, the Aquarium of the Bay and the cruise of about an hour in the bay. You can also move around the city using the Muni bus or the famous Cable Car at no extra cost.

With the Go Card, you can choose from over 25 attractions, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, AT & T Park Tour, San Francisco Dungeon and some tours to the famous Muir Woods Park and the wine region.

Golden Gate Bridge

You can not leave San Francisco without having taken a close look at the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, this experience fits every budget, because it’s free! You just have to decide whether to walk or cycle along these two miles of history.
Free festivals

Music lovers will be happy to know that many free festivals are organized in San Francisco. For example, every year Golden Gate Park hosts the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, a musical event with seven stages and more than 100 artists.

Another option, also at Golden Gate Park, is the Stern Grove Festival, a free concert held every Sunday throughout the summer. If you are looking for something that also offers a wide selection of dishes, then do not miss the North Beach Festival.

Murals in the Mission District

What’s more low cost than street art If you are a lover of art but do not want to spend too much money, the Mission District is the right place for you. Here you will find dozens of murals of every kind and style, depicting both political and social themes as well as abstract and creative subjects.

A Bit Of Culture Boston City For Traveller

A Bit Of Culture Boston City For Traveller

Boston is also and above all culture. At Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum one perceives a perfect mix between static and dynamic.

The Venetian-style palace seems to stand still in time with its three galleries that surround the flowers and plants, it breathes an atmosphere of tranquility of the past and while young artists cross these spaces with the lightness and awareness of those who know that a place so it is more unique than rare, especially if we think we are in the United States. The galleries are home to manuscripts and ancient books, as well as canvases by artists of the most famous in the world such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Manet and Botticelli.

Other icons of culture are the Mary Baker Eddy Library and the MFA Museum – Museum of Fine Arts – one of the largest museums in the United States of America travelhoundsusa. It has more than 450,000 works of art that make this collection one of the most complete in the entire American continent.

Boston is an authentic mix of past history and contemporary art that is also reflected in theatrical performances. In fact, it passes from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum with the representation of historical events that led to the American revolution, up to the most modern shows. We have been lucky enough to see the magnificent Blue Man Show, a form of entertainment that is different from usual and totally unexpected.

Peccati di Gola

Of course, visiting Boston also means to immerse yourself completely in their gastronomic delicacies. In addition to the fine oysters present everywhere, we also recommend a nice crab sandwich on the seafront, not to mention the abundant breakfasts and tasty stops to sip a good tea, authentic parts of the Boston culture.

To start off, book immediately for a Saturday morning in winter at the Cafè Fleuri at the Langham Hotel, a chocolate bar that is a veritable gorge and offers more than 100 chocolate-based recipes. It is not obligatory to try them all, but it is almost impossible to resist. On Sundays, instead, it offers a city-brunch above all expectations.

And the next day Do not miss the breakfast brunch at the AK Long Bar Kitchen, where the pancakes seem to never end and the setting is very elegant.

In this regard we recommend a nice crossing with a taxi-boat that leads to the Seaport District, a brand new area full of hotels in the sign of modern art and design, like the Element Seaport that hosted us the night before our return to Italy. This area is strategic due to its proximity to the airport – only 10 minutes by car – a feature particularly appreciated by businessmen who go to Boston for one night. From here the skyline view is a marvel.

Boston is full of shopping centers, among all we recommend the Prudential Center for every type of purchase. If you are more attracted to flea markets, Boston is for you considering the typical markets that sell vintage objects, the markets of zero-km products like the Boston Public Garden or the Faneuil Hall already mentioned before that contains 4 markets around him (Quincy) Market, North Market, Faneuil Hall and South Market).

Without forgetting the flea markets or books – such as the Brattle Book Shop – that meet here and there, the hundreds of stands that celebrate the New England Patriots or the legendary Harvey University, which of course we recommend visiting to breathe the class atmosphere of what represents a true excellence of American culture.

7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

The barbecue is always synonymous with pleasure and relaxation. Have a special space in which to relax at the weekend and during the summer is the dream of many. In this Book of Ideas we will see how to organize a specially equipped room for barbecues in the company, especially taking advantage of the space available outside, in the garden or on the veranda, but also when possible within the house itself. Let’s see how.

Stone and wooden characters

For grilling and share social occasions, a barbecue area as what we see it is ideal. A wooden pergola protects the area, providing an ideal ventilation and the necessary shade to enjoy the outside in peace. The stone covers the floors and walls, accompanying the wood of other furniture accessories. The wicker chandeliers introduce a touch of lightness rough.

Warmth and a rough home air

Still stone and wood as protagonists of this internal barbecue, complemented by granite worktops and tiled floors. For rough yet warm atmosphere, friendly, informal and very friendly as befits the space for a perfect barbecue.

Stone and wood

Porphyry and wood are the basis of this space for the barbecue that combines a kitchen inside the covered veranda. The real and proper grid is accompanied by a suction hood is covered by a stone texture to view. The floor is tiled, elegant and rough simplicity.

The rustic table

What we see is one of the elements that can not miss in a barbecue area worthy of respect, a rustic wooden table. What we see used as support of the strains in the rough of great beauty, a rustic and natural feel able to characterize the space.

Wood and light

The BBQ area that we see in this image has been converted into a veranda covered by a wooden pergola with a light texture, which makes it very bright space as well protected. The rich wood tones alternate with black and gray of the area dedicated to the grids, in a full of references and a modern roughly contrast.

Trunks and shade

A BBQ area which could not rustic, that sees the use of logs and stumps is to support the coverage of the long table structure, true focal point of a space totally dedicated to social occasions.

Wood and heat

An inner barbecue area, with a discreetly concealed area dedicated to barbecues, hidden by a panel. The place in front of bench-bar allows a clear distinction between dining room and kitchen area. The full ceramic floor an environment characterized by simplicity and functionality.

The TimeLapse Photography

The TimeLapse Photography

Have you ever seen the video time lapse? Initially relegated to shooting nature, they have become increasingly common and famous thanks to many cameras (professional and otherwise) that integrate within them simplify the controls for this type of video-photo.

Timelapse photography is to perform a series of photos in sequence after hours, minutes or even seconds, and then mount them in a video at normal speed (30 frames per second). In this way it is possible to “speed up the time”, for example by displaying the growth of a flower (days) in less than a minute.

A fundamental characteristic of the time lapse video is also the position of the camera: this must remain the same during all the shots, so as to keep the same “background” in all poses.

Theoretically, photography timelapse is not so complicated: you are taking hundreds of pictures in sequence and then are assembled together in post production. However, to get a good video and a good result sewa sound system jakarta, there is much work to do, both during the preparation and execution times.

What it takes to make a video Timelaspe?

The Interval. This tool allows you to take a certain amount of photos at regular intervals. This allows us to not sit next to the camera with a remote control and a timer, pressing the button every x seconds.

The interval timer is not trivially a stopwatch that every defined moment take a picture but it does more, especially if it is decided to use the automatic exposure (not recommended, anyway). If we are photographing every few seconds for a time not so long, probably the exhibition will be the same for all the shots, but if we have to take a picture every second over a period of several hours, we will have very significant differences in exposure between The photos. The interval timer ignores the shutter speed and subtracts the interval pre-set, which means that we will always interspersed with photographs the same way, regardless of the time of exposure.

Similarly, you can set the interval in such a way that maintains the same distance in time between shots, in which case the interval timer starts to count time when fully completed the previous photo.

Most modern cameras have intervallometri why it should not be necessary to refer to external objects but, if necessary, it will always be possible to buy one or use an interval timer “do it yourself”, using a personal computer.