Perfect outline: With adhesive tape

Hi loves, how are you? Hope so!
Then one thing is for sure girls, makeup on the eyelid is very difficult, and not all of us have coordination, just as often one side is different from the other …

But there are practical techniques for these problems, and just go training, which soon you get the hang of it.
So I’m going to teach you how to make the famous kitten outfit perfect with duct tape, which you probably have at home. Come on ?!

It’s super easy, you just need to cut two small pieces of tape, then paste it on the eyelid and underneath, just like it is in the photo:

After this is just passing the eyeliner, I recommend using it in a gel. Expect to dry and remove the tapes and ready… It is very perfect!

Here below shows the types of outlining:

Image Source:

That’s it for today! Thank you, girls, come back always

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