7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

The barbecue is always synonymous with pleasure and relaxation. Have a special space in which to relax at the weekend and during the summer is the dream of many. In this Book of Ideas we will see how to organize a specially equipped room for barbecues in the company, especially taking advantage of the space available outside, in the garden or on the veranda, but also when possible within the house itself. Let’s see how.

Stone and wooden characters

For grilling and share social occasions, a barbecue area as what we see it is ideal. A wooden pergola protects the area, providing an ideal ventilation and the necessary shade to enjoy the outside in peace. The stone covers the floors and walls, accompanying the wood of other furniture accessories. The wicker chandeliers introduce a touch of lightness rough.

Warmth and a rough home air

Still stone and wood as protagonists of this internal barbecue, complemented by granite worktops and tiled floors. For rough yet warm atmosphere, friendly, informal and very friendly as befits the space for a perfect barbecue.

Stone and wood

Porphyry and wood are the basis of this space for the barbecue that combines a kitchen inside the covered veranda. The real and proper grid is accompanied by a suction hood is covered by a stone texture to view. The floor is tiled, elegant and rough simplicity.

The rustic table

What we see is one of the elements that can not miss in a barbecue area worthy of respect, a rustic wooden table. What we see used as support of the strains in the rough of great beauty, a rustic and natural feel able to characterize the space.

Wood and light

The BBQ area that we see in this image has been converted into a veranda covered by a wooden pergola with a light texture, which makes it very bright space as well protected. The rich wood tones alternate with black and gray of the area dedicated to the grids, in a full of references and a modern roughly contrast.

Trunks and shade

A BBQ area which could not rustic, that sees the use of logs and stumps is to support the coverage of the long table structure, true focal point of a space totally dedicated to social occasions.

Wood and heat

An inner barbecue area, with a discreetly concealed area dedicated to barbecues, hidden by a panel. The place in front of bench-bar allows a clear distinction between dining room and kitchen area. The full ceramic floor an environment characterized by simplicity and functionality.

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