6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

Our patio can become the center of our home, the place where we spend our free time, especially in favorable seasons.

But its quality depends on us the care and dedication that profondiamo in the care of this very special place in our house.To have a nice patio there is no need for large economic investments, just to have good aesthetic parameters and meet a series of guidelines to follow to get the maximum from these places. Unfortunately, some people think that they are necessary considerable installation and maintenance expenses for which, although they have a patio or garden, prefer to leave it unused.

It is precisely for this reason that we propose, below, a number of tips through which to improve your outdoor space.

What is important is that at the end of this reading along with your family and your friends, you enjoy the most of the pleasures that these spaces can offer. Ready Read on!

Between the bedroom and terrace

The new designs of the spaces allow to annex to the bedroom a small terrace adjacent, also inside the room itself. With the right proportion and placement of fixed and sliding door panels it will be almost imperceptible division between environments, ensuring plenty of light but also a meaning to the eclectic room.

A wardrobe with three sliding doors

For a cabinet designed with sliding doors, ideal to be opened and closed in all practicality, it is normal to have three movable facades, depending on the portions of space that you want to read. This will make it easier and more functional view precisely the sector concerned and also keep more visual order within the room.

A sliding metal door

In this image is clearly visible division between the dining room and kitchen, through a metal sliding door. When open, the two spaces will be visually integrated; when closed two actually seem detached units and also acoustically separated.

A sliding door colorful

Here is a very colorful wardrobe with fixed wings and neutral sliding doors. Four facades are in fact didpinte only the two side, so as to alternate a sober mood to a more playful. The white on the central portions, means that mobile looks vibrant and colorful thanks to the elements stored themselves, by additions to the products.

An all-glass sliding door

An all-glass sliding door is ideal for dividing the space between the kitchen and a small inner install green very special and unique. The lights from spotlights then allow the glass to reflect the light and create a striking spread by implementing the so-called effect Wow!

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