Coffee Shampoo: Homemade Recipe to Stimulate Hair Growth.

But before that I will explain, this shampoo is a method that really works since it has already been scientifically tested and there are several studies that prove that caffeine accelerates hair growth. In addition to helping with growth, the hair looks super soft and shiny!
Note: My hair grew 11 cm in a month! *

How to Make Homemade Coffee Shampoo: You will need: 1 Shampoo 300 ml (preferably neutral, those transparent); 3 tablespoons of caffeine powder (it is more recommended to use powder because coffee beans do not have the same dose of caffeine) How to prepare: Add 3 tablespoons of caffeine to the shampoo bottle and mix well. (do not be alarmed if the shampoo gets otherwise, for example, more liquid)

How to use: The caffeine shampoo should be used as a normal shampoo, it is only you gently massage the scalp in circular movements, let the product act for a few minutes and then rinse well, then, as usual, you pass the cream and ready. (you can use before or after the coffee shampoo a normal shampoo of your choice)

Some questions:

❤ Use the shampoo once or twice a week for a month, and a break of 15 days or more, so your hair does not get used to the shampoo, if it accustoms the effect will not be the same, it will grow less;
❤ In 15 days your hair may already have results;
Lo Blonde hair may change the tone because of caffeine, but it is nothing definite;
(I.e.Make sure to moisturize your hair, because the coffee shampoo is not hydrating;
❤ Your hair will not smell the coffee;
❤ Other questions just leave a comment. * Clarifying about size: Each hair grows according to your body, each person is different! When I saw this recipe the person showed that it grew 7 cm, and in searches 2 cm, 4 cm …. So I can not say how many cm your hair will grow.

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