Try to repair your Windows 7 with some of these tips!

An update released by Microsoft on Tuesday (09) has caused problems with machines running Windows 7. If your computer has been affected and does not restart, try some of the actions listed below. Microsoft has not offered any repair services so far, so if these tips do not make your system back active, it looks […]

Google tests feature to improve use of Android apps in Chrome OS

Google will finally fix one of the major limitations of Chrome OS when it comes to integration with Android. According to the Chrome Unboxed website, the company already tests a special feature to allow mobile platform apps to run in the background on Chromebooks, making its use more agile and functional. Google tests feature to […]

Google Chrome now supports HDR videos in Windows 10

The Google Chrome has started to give support to videos produced with HDR (High Dynamic Range) in Windows 10, according to a publication of the company ‘s blog. The technology allows the images to have more vibrant and clear colors since HDR allows the combination of different exposures. So the feature is very common in […]

Coffee Shampoo: Homemade Recipe to Stimulate Hair Growth.

But before that I will explain, this shampoo is a method that really works since it has already been scientifically tested and there are several studies that prove that caffeine accelerates hair growth. In addition to helping with growth, the hair looks super soft and shiny! Note: My hair grew 11 cm in a month! […]

6 Things to Know Before Renting House

6 Things to Know Before Renting House Whether it is for temporary stays, maybe for vacation purposes, for study purposes or for long term periods, renting a home is a fairly common situation that each of us faces at least once in one’s life. So here’s a handy mini guide with the 6 things to […]

8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath

8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath When we think of a farm we can only think of a simple setting, immersed in nature, an oasis of peace where to relax and break away from everyday routine. A place for families with children to relax and find harmony, but also for couples looking for […]

8 Furniture to Save Space and Earn Elegance

8 Furniture to Save Space and Earn Elegance You can not deny it sometimes lack of space afflicts us. That’s why you need to choose the right furniture, making our home more spacious and comfortable. A small space is no cause for concern and just to reassure you on this point we have selected some […]