8 Errors to Avoid on the Home Facade

8 Errors to Avoid on the Home Facade

When we think of the façade of our home, we come up with a number of ways to make it more beautiful, we evaluate which plant to choose to decorate the entrance, or the color of the door, or finally the type of light to install to signal access. However, there are other factors to be considered, relating to security and privacy.

Today, through a series of projects, we present the 8 classic mistakes that can be made when dealing with this aspect, some focus on aesthetics, others on security or privacy. Be careful!

The security

As far as security is concerned, lighting is a vital element. It is important that the space in front of the house is always well illuminated, especially if there are more hidden areas. Ideal is installing motion-sensitive lights.


Protecting yourself from prying eyes is another priority when designing the façade of your home. There are several possibilities, you can install a sort of shutter made of wooden strips, or you can do it from the inside with different kinds of curtains.

The aesthetics

The facade is the first impact you have in a home and, you know, there is no second chance to make a good first impression. So it is crucial to be upheld and express our style and personality. To do this, we can use color, perhaps using a different one for some elements, to create contrasts or to change the materials.

The night view

Since the facade is a very important element, it would be a shame not to be appreciated even at night. Choose carefully the lights, so you create a nice effect, which makes justice to your home.


It may seem despicable, but it is worth stressing especially to facilitate your guests, it is essential that your home page is accessible in a convenient and easy way, without people being in a hurry to call you.

The clarity

Part of the facade that is often not taken into account is the civic number. It is important that it is readable in a clear and immediate way.

The comfort of the entrance

The access road to the house must be comfortable and well maintained. No decomposed pavement or weeds! It’s not just a matter of aesthetics and care in front of your guests, but it’s also a way to ease those day-to-day operations, such as delivery of mail or courier arrival.

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