8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath

8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath

When we think of a farm we can only think of a simple setting, immersed in nature, an oasis of peace where to relax and break away from everyday routine.

A place for families with children to relax and find harmony, but also for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The rustic cottage does not know age and time. It can be simple, rustic, but also elegant and refined. It depends on the impression we want to give it and personal taste.

Let’s see together some suggestions from which to take great excitement!

Country cottage rustic chic

This interior of an elegant and sophisticated farmhouse recalls elegance, sobriety and simplicity at the same time.

The white color of the walls and bleached wood beams make the environment brighter. The great arcade that divides this small relax area from the rest of the environment creates a cozy and warm living. The curtains and fabrics used seem to emphasize the simple but refined elegance of the entire environment.

Simplicity and nature

This farmhouse is a reminder of the nature and simplicity that surrounds us. The majestic but simple home is rocky and gives a sense of well-being at first glance.

The garden, with shaded plants and creating pleasant corners of tranquility, is a pleasing discovery where guests at the house can enjoy relaxing dinners or read a good book surrounded by silence and peace.

The kitchen of the farmhouse

When we think of a farm we immediately imagine feelings as convivial and sharing. The place for par excellence where to express it to the best is for sure the kitchen.

A typical rustic kitchen, covered with exposed brick and stone. The wooden floor and the dark beams give that touch of warmth that can not be missed. Interesting the door, small and simple, but of great charm.

For those who want to see our proposals and ideas in rustic style, look here!

A rustic bathroom

Sometimes we tend to overlook the bathroom, not giving him the right weight. Even in a farmhouse, or in a rustic house, it is important to emphasize this environment as well.

The use of wood as a bathtub lining, we find it also in the washbasin cabinet and in a delightful and special complement with door racks. The lights that propagate from the beams throughout the bathroom give a sense of unique harmony. Z

Living area in stone

A respectable farm must highlight the living area, where to share moments with friends, relatives and spend moments in serenity.

Here again we find the wood, both in the parquet and in the beams. The presence of the stone, which entirely covers the house, gives that rustic feel that can not be missed. In particular, the staircase leading upstairs from which you can have a full view of the living area is simple but in harmony with the environment.

A country house

Those who love nature in all its aspects can only love this country house. Despite a refinement that makes it elegant in its simplicity, it has kept its features untouched.

The stone of the house alternates in areas where bricks are visible, giving a greater sense of rural home. The windows upstairs, of different sizes and shapes, create a truly original alternating game, as well as the ground floor doors where lights have been inserted from the small brick arches.

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