How to reuse old clothes

When it comes to tidying up the closet , everyone ends up throwing away pieces or donating, whether they’re spoiled, no longer serving, or out of fashion. However, it is possible to find a solution to these pieces and turn them into original and interesting objects! Reaproveitar fabrics not only gives a new life to […]

How to Make an Egg Mask for Acne

Thanks to the amount of vitamins and minerals that the egg has , it is a natural product that provides multiple benefits to our skin. In turn, the egg yolk is an ideal ingredient to make facial masks intended to treat battered or dry skin, while whites are perfect for countering face imperfections, pimples , […]

How to Use Kefir for Acne

The Kefir is a fermented drink originated from the Caucasus produced based on goat milk, beef or sheep. It is produced by temporary submersion of kefir grains in some substrate such as milk or water. Kefir grains are a colony of microorganisms immersed in a matrix composed of proteins and polysaccharides composed of bacteria, and […]

Tired of Stubborn Acne? Treat It with Baking Soda

Many ways can be done to overcome the problem of acne. One of them by using the right care products. However, not infrequently various skin care products on the market contain chemicals and may be less suitable to your skin type. Now it could not hurt to try to switch to using natural ingredients and […]

Cause of Gaining Weight after Delivery

The presence of the baby is the most awaited by a married couple. But amid happiness is stored anxiety for the mothers. Overweight after childbirth will make the mother to be confused and looking for a quick way to shrink the stomach after giving birth. Childbirth and having a baby is certainly not an obstacle […]