How to Make Exfoliators for Acne

Each type of skin has its own needs, however, if there is a delicate skin is one that has acne. The pimples cause inflammation, redness, and discomfort, which is why we must be careful with the products we use to not aggravate the problem while trying to contribute the nutrients needed to keep the face beautiful.

And exfoliation is undoubtedly a very beneficial habit for any skin type, especially for those suffering from pimples, so we can use some flattering products to control fat and eliminate dead cells effectively. Do you want to know which alternatives to choose?

Benefits of Exfoliate Skin with Acne

Exfoliation is one of the habits that should be present in our cosmetic routine, performing it at least once a week to eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the skin, offering a more beautiful and luminous appearance.

But in acne skins, this habit is much more important, with outstanding benefits such as:

  • Stimulate the formation of new cells in the skin, which translates into a healthier looking skin.
  • Hide the presence of scars left by acne itself. The process of eliminating dead cells also helps to make the scars less visible.
  • It favors the exit of the pus accumulated in the pimples. In addition, it helps to reduce the presence of blackheads in the skin.
  • If we use suitable ingredients we will also be able to reduce the presence of fat on the face and close the pores, which will make it difficult to form new lesions.

How to exfoliate the face with acne

  • Always wash your face before applying any natural or commercial scrub.
  • With the face preferably moist, apply the scrub by gently rubbing with circular and upward strokes. Never force the product or it will only irritate the skin.
  • It is advisable to use a sponge to rub the exfoliator so that we can achieve a better effect.
  • Remove with cold water to help pores close.
  • Apply the scrub 1 or 2 times a week. It is important not to overdo it to allow regeneration of new skin.

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