Tired of Stubborn Acne? Treat It with Baking Soda


Many ways can be done to overcome the problem of acne. One of them by using the right care products. However, not infrequently various skin care products on the market contain chemicals and may be less suitable to your skin type.

Now it could not hurt to try to switch to using natural ingredients and able to overcome the problem of acne. You can treat acne by using baking soda.

Using this natural ingredient to treat acne is not a new idea. This natural material can neutralize the pH balance on the skin so it can lift excess oil on the skin. In addition, baking soda can also act as an anti-inflammatory on acne.

How to apply baking soda on acne

Baking soda has grains that function as exfoliator and able to clean the dirt with the maximum. In addition, you can mix it with lemon juice. Then, apply it to the face in a circular motion. Rinse and use a moisturizer afterwards.

If you want to quickly get rid of acne, you can make baking soda as a mask. Simply mix two spoons of baking soda with enough water to texture the paste. Then apply on the face of acne and let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing it clean. Finish by applying an anti acne moisturizer to keep your face moist.

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