How to reuse old clothes

When it comes to tidying up the closet , everyone ends up throwing away pieces or donating, whether they’re spoiled, no longer serving, or out of fashion. However, it is possible to find a solution to these pieces and turn them into original and interesting objects! Reaproveitar fabrics not only gives a new life to clothes, but is also a super ecological technique which prevents waste. The tissues undergo chemical processes to gain a certain color or texture and end up being dumped in landfills, contaminating groundwater and soil. A super conscious way to prevent this situation is to reuse the parts, reducing the amount discarded.

How to reuse old clothes

Coated Hangers

One of the best techniques for reusing old clothes is to cover the hangers with fabric . You can do this with flaps, and even if they are all different patterns and colors, the result will be equally cool! Besides leaving your wardrobe more beautiful and cheerful, the fitted hoods help to hold the clothes you hang because they have anti-slip action!

Bed for the dog

Another super cute technique to avoid wasting used clothes is to make a bed for your dog . If your pet needs a new place to sleep, know that an old T-shirt may be the solution! The result is very delicate and you can choose the pattern and the color of the piece used to match the decoration of the house.


If any room needs a new place to sit, why not bet on a home-made puff ? The pieces are usually super expensive and you can use different methods to decorate any space without throwing money away. The old clothes can be used to make a lining of your own and innovate in the decoration.



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