Cause of Gaining Weight after Delivery


The presence of the baby is the most awaited by a married couple. But amid happiness is stored anxiety for the mothers. Overweight after childbirth will make the mother to be confused and looking for a quick way to shrink the stomach after giving birth.

Childbirth and having a baby is certainly not an obstacle for women who want an ideal body. The ultimate goal of having an ideal post-partum body is to deal with appearance as well as health. It also maintains harmony with the husband. You definitely do not want it not if your husband glances at other women who are slimmer than you, because your weight up after giving birth?

If you want the ideal postpartum body weight, consider how to lose weight after giving birth below. Before discussing about how to lose weight after giving birth it’s good we know the cause of weight gain after giving birth. Causes of Weight Gain After Childbirth There are several causes of weight gain after childbirth, such as:

1. Less Sports

After giving birth, surely a mother needs recovery time to recover after giving birth. When the recovery is certainly the mother is forbidden to exercise. Because of the lack of exercise, the more fat accumulates in the body. To avoid weight gain during pregnancy, it is advisable to follow the sport for pregnant women. Sports for pregnant women, in addition to reducing fat deposits also maintain the health of the fetus, and reduce pain during childbirth.

2. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the factors causing postpartum obesity. Breastfeeding makes mothers become often hungry, because the intake of nutrients is not only absorbed by the mother’s body but also for the baby.

3. Often Eat

Pregnant women are advised to meet the nutrients that the baby is in healthy condition. Therefore, many women often eat and consume food in many portions. Plus if a mother is also a hobby of consuming junk food, of course it increases the risk of postpartum obesity.

4. Lack of sleep

Pregnant women who often stay up because they can not sleep, susceptible to weight gain. The average pregnant woman lacks sleep at night because of itching, stiffness or cravings. Due to less rest time, your weight will quickly rise.

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