70 Sqm of Perfection (Milan)

70 Sqm of Perfection (Milan)

The work of FACILE RISTRUTTURARE is always distinguished for great accuracy and refinement in the choice of materials and this project is no exception! This 70 sqm apartment in Milan – to be exact in Pioltello – has been made more modern in both the distribution and style. The living area has been transformed into a sophisticated open space, as requested by the customer, but without weakening the division between living and cooking, which maintain their identity in a very definite way. The strong point in this space is the use of color, which, though based on a single nuance, finds several variations, also thanks to the use of materials.


The project envisaged several works, including air conditioning systems, water and electricity, as well as knocking down the living room and kitchen. The fireplace, which is the protagonist of this open space, has not been touched, to leave intact the rustic charm. The dominant style of the apartment is modern and minimal and that rustic touch from the fireplace completes it and makes it more personal.

The open-plan living area

Here is an overview of the living area where the atmosphere of the new open space is well felt. Immediately goes to the eye with the great brightness of the room, exalted by the clear shades on the walls. On the ground there is a beautiful parquet, which creates an extremely warm and warm atmosphere.

The livingroom

The area dedicated to conversation and relaxation is the right mix between modern style and rigor of lines and rustic style. The coffee table is strongly geometric and the glossy finish gives it an even more contemporary look. The approach to the fireplace creates a pleasant contrast!

The kitchen

The essence and the elegance of the modern style reign in the kitchen the furnishings are white and with glossy finish to maximize the luminosity of the room, which not only has plenty of natural light, but also a perfect system of spotlights. The choice of unshielded openings further accentuates the cleaning of the volumes. The round table is complemented by sophisticated and elegant chromed-shaped chairs, matched to the kitchenette, made of the same material as the top.

The double bedroom

In the sleeping area there is no room for the superfluous, only relaxing and airy environments. Even in the double bedroom, on the ground there is a beautiful and warm wood, which blends well with the structure of the bed, padded and covered with a beautiful beige fabric.

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