19 Photos of a House That Will Turn Your Head!

19 Photos of a House That Will Turn Your Head!

We homily love to show you splendid luxury homes spread all over the world; However, when we do, you can be assured that it is a project selected and studied in the smallest detail to give you a 360 degree view of what we present.

This home is one of the most interesting that you have ever seen elegant without being kitch or heavy, the home presents so much modernity and functionality that represent the underlying concepts of the DESIGN SPIRITS interior design philosophy, which you will see in Images, they went beyond the concept of home, creating this masterpiece.


This bright and airy entrance hall communicates elegance from all corners marble floors reflect the sunlight passing through the large windows behind the staircase, while the black borders outline the corners of the walls as well as the space.

The design scheme is rather classic, but the personality is added by well-chosen artwork and color accents. Particularly interesting is the work we find hanging on the wall in front of us and the red and gold sketches are repeated further along the entire length of the room.

An envelope ladder

Who would not want a sinuous ladder like this The wide curve develops a modern version of the traditional spiral staircase concept with a minimal and effective structure to increase the light effect.

The light goes down from above, throwing geometric shadows on polished wood steps. Below the raised floor we can see that the recessed LED lighting has been installed to illuminate this corridor when moving overnight.

Incursions and contaminations

Our team has decided to give life to a living space, adding a retro touch to a completely modern setting. Using the same wood used for the staircase, an elegant edging was created around the first floor of the mezzanine, balanced by the under wall covered with slate and chrome panels.

An amazing discovery

As we head to the second floor, something new comes to our eyes this gorgeous Art Nouveau chandelier! As you descend from the highest point of the house, this wonder is hidden from the view while, when you walk into the house it is only visible when you climb the stairs to reach the upper planets.

We confess that what we love in particular is the contrast between the sturdy wooden stairs and this glass cascade, which seems to be wrapped in a warm embrace.

In the kitchen, modern design has been chosen, mainly referring to a wall, while a breakfast shelf is useful to have even more space to cook.

Experts have remained faithful to their contemporary philosophy and for the most part, this kitchen has been designed with classic minimalism. However, the green lime wall and the multicolored lights melt together creating harmony in the eyes of the observer.

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