Advice On How To Organize A Low Cost Trip To San Francisco

Advice On How To Organize A Low Cost Trip To San Francisco

San Francisco, oh my San Francisco, if only I were not so dear …

Mistaken! You will be amazed to know how many free activities you can find in this seductive city. Today we will show you how to organize a low cost vacation in San Francisco. You are ready


The key to a low cost travel is, first of all, to choose a cheap accommodation, especially if you intend to stay several days in the city best time to visit mexico. In San Francisco you can stay in hotels starting at around $ 80 a night and Union Square is the headquarters for this kind of compromise. If you have a good spirit of adaptation, we recommend the hostels in San Francisco where you can stay overnight with just $ 30.

Pass for attractions

To visit all that the city has to offer, the CityPASS or Go Card San Francisco is a perfect and cheap solution. With this pass you will have access to the California Academy of Sciences, the Aquarium of the Bay and the cruise of about an hour in the bay. You can also move around the city using the Muni bus or the famous Cable Car at no extra cost.

With the Go Card, you can choose from over 25 attractions, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, AT & T Park Tour, San Francisco Dungeon and some tours to the famous Muir Woods Park and the wine region.

Golden Gate Bridge

You can not leave San Francisco without having taken a close look at the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, this experience fits every budget, because it’s free! You just have to decide whether to walk or cycle along these two miles of history.
Free festivals

Music lovers will be happy to know that many free festivals are organized in San Francisco. For example, every year Golden Gate Park hosts the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, a musical event with seven stages and more than 100 artists.

Another option, also at Golden Gate Park, is the Stern Grove Festival, a free concert held every Sunday throughout the summer. If you are looking for something that also offers a wide selection of dishes, then do not miss the North Beach Festival.

Murals in the Mission District

What’s more low cost than street art If you are a lover of art but do not want to spend too much money, the Mission District is the right place for you. Here you will find dozens of murals of every kind and style, depicting both political and social themes as well as abstract and creative subjects.

A Bit Of Culture Boston City For Traveller

A Bit Of Culture Boston City For Traveller

Boston is also and above all culture. At Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum one perceives a perfect mix between static and dynamic.

The Venetian-style palace seems to stand still in time with its three galleries that surround the flowers and plants, it breathes an atmosphere of tranquility of the past and while young artists cross these spaces with the lightness and awareness of those who know that a place so it is more unique than rare, especially if we think we are in the United States. The galleries are home to manuscripts and ancient books, as well as canvases by artists of the most famous in the world such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Manet and Botticelli.

Other icons of culture are the Mary Baker Eddy Library and the MFA Museum – Museum of Fine Arts – one of the largest museums in the United States of America travelhoundsusa. It has more than 450,000 works of art that make this collection one of the most complete in the entire American continent.

Boston is an authentic mix of past history and contemporary art that is also reflected in theatrical performances. In fact, it passes from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum with the representation of historical events that led to the American revolution, up to the most modern shows. We have been lucky enough to see the magnificent Blue Man Show, a form of entertainment that is different from usual and totally unexpected.

Peccati di Gola

Of course, visiting Boston also means to immerse yourself completely in their gastronomic delicacies. In addition to the fine oysters present everywhere, we also recommend a nice crab sandwich on the seafront, not to mention the abundant breakfasts and tasty stops to sip a good tea, authentic parts of the Boston culture.

To start off, book immediately for a Saturday morning in winter at the Cafè Fleuri at the Langham Hotel, a chocolate bar that is a veritable gorge and offers more than 100 chocolate-based recipes. It is not obligatory to try them all, but it is almost impossible to resist. On Sundays, instead, it offers a city-brunch above all expectations.

And the next day Do not miss the breakfast brunch at the AK Long Bar Kitchen, where the pancakes seem to never end and the setting is very elegant.

In this regard we recommend a nice crossing with a taxi-boat that leads to the Seaport District, a brand new area full of hotels in the sign of modern art and design, like the Element Seaport that hosted us the night before our return to Italy. This area is strategic due to its proximity to the airport – only 10 minutes by car – a feature particularly appreciated by businessmen who go to Boston for one night. From here the skyline view is a marvel.

Boston is full of shopping centers, among all we recommend the Prudential Center for every type of purchase. If you are more attracted to flea markets, Boston is for you considering the typical markets that sell vintage objects, the markets of zero-km products like the Boston Public Garden or the Faneuil Hall already mentioned before that contains 4 markets around him (Quincy) Market, North Market, Faneuil Hall and South Market).

Without forgetting the flea markets or books – such as the Brattle Book Shop – that meet here and there, the hundreds of stands that celebrate the New England Patriots or the legendary Harvey University, which of course we recommend visiting to breathe the class atmosphere of what represents a true excellence of American culture.

7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

7 Barbecue Rustic And Cozy

The barbecue is always synonymous with pleasure and relaxation. Have a special space in which to relax at the weekend and during the summer is the dream of many. In this Book of Ideas we will see how to organize a specially equipped room for barbecues in the company, especially taking advantage of the space available outside, in the garden or on the veranda, but also when possible within the house itself. Let’s see how.

Stone and wooden characters

For grilling and share social occasions, a barbecue area as what we see it is ideal. A wooden pergola protects the area, providing an ideal ventilation and the necessary shade to enjoy the outside in peace. The stone covers the floors and walls, accompanying the wood of other furniture accessories. The wicker chandeliers introduce a touch of lightness rough.

Warmth and a rough home air

Still stone and wood as protagonists of this internal barbecue, complemented by granite worktops and tiled floors. For rough yet warm atmosphere, friendly, informal and very friendly as befits the space for a perfect barbecue.

Stone and wood

Porphyry and wood are the basis of this space for the barbecue that combines a kitchen inside the covered veranda. The real and proper grid is accompanied by a suction hood is covered by a stone texture to view. The floor is tiled, elegant and rough simplicity.

The rustic table

What we see is one of the elements that can not miss in a barbecue area worthy of respect, a rustic wooden table. What we see used as support of the strains in the rough of great beauty, a rustic and natural feel able to characterize the space.

Wood and light

The BBQ area that we see in this image has been converted into a veranda covered by a wooden pergola with a light texture, which makes it very bright space as well protected. The rich wood tones alternate with black and gray of the area dedicated to the grids, in a full of references and a modern roughly contrast.

Trunks and shade

A BBQ area which could not rustic, that sees the use of logs and stumps is to support the coverage of the long table structure, true focal point of a space totally dedicated to social occasions.

Wood and heat

An inner barbecue area, with a discreetly concealed area dedicated to barbecues, hidden by a panel. The place in front of bench-bar allows a clear distinction between dining room and kitchen area. The full ceramic floor an environment characterized by simplicity and functionality.

The TimeLapse Photography

The TimeLapse Photography

Have you ever seen the video time lapse? Initially relegated to shooting nature, they have become increasingly common and famous thanks to many cameras (professional and otherwise) that integrate within them simplify the controls for this type of video-photo.

Timelapse photography is to perform a series of photos in sequence after hours, minutes or even seconds, and then mount them in a video at normal speed (30 frames per second). In this way it is possible to “speed up the time”, for example by displaying the growth of a flower (days) in less than a minute.

A fundamental characteristic of the time lapse video is also the position of the camera: this must remain the same during all the shots, so as to keep the same “background” in all poses.

Theoretically, photography timelapse is not so complicated: you are taking hundreds of pictures in sequence and then are assembled together in post production. However, to get a good video and a good result sewa sound system jakarta, there is much work to do, both during the preparation and execution times.

What it takes to make a video Timelaspe?

The Interval. This tool allows you to take a certain amount of photos at regular intervals. This allows us to not sit next to the camera with a remote control and a timer, pressing the button every x seconds.

The interval timer is not trivially a stopwatch that every defined moment take a picture but it does more, especially if it is decided to use the automatic exposure (not recommended, anyway). If we are photographing every few seconds for a time not so long, probably the exhibition will be the same for all the shots, but if we have to take a picture every second over a period of several hours, we will have very significant differences in exposure between The photos. The interval timer ignores the shutter speed and subtracts the interval pre-set, which means that we will always interspersed with photographs the same way, regardless of the time of exposure.

Similarly, you can set the interval in such a way that maintains the same distance in time between shots, in which case the interval timer starts to count time when fully completed the previous photo.

Most modern cameras have intervallometri why it should not be necessary to refer to external objects but, if necessary, it will always be possible to buy one or use an interval timer “do it yourself”, using a personal computer.

10 Ideas for Houses to Make Yours Beautiful

10 Ideas for Houses to Make Yours Beautiful

As in any corner of the house, we can even decorate on the facades with modifications and renovations. Playing with colors, materials, lines and shapes is possible to achieve a spectacular facade, just as your imagination would imagine. Elegant or innovative or just amazing.

However, being an external element, direct and continuous contact with atmospheric agents must be considered and therefore it is necessary to use good quality materials that do not deteriorate under constant exposure to sun, cold, wind, rain and frost. Since a facade is for life (or almost) it will be good to carefully select the materials we intend to make. If you need restyling after many years, this will cost a lot less if below there is a good starting point jual rumput sintetis. In this article we show you some examples of tropical façades that at one glance can only make you fall in love. Look and be surprised!

Back with porch

Unfortunately, some façades do not enjoy a peculiar or interesting architectural style. In the example that we propose in the image you can see a simple porch, with beams and columns that make up the front facade of this house. In such cases, it is necessary to understand what the strengths may be and to focus on. The space in this case is an element of great potential that needs to be exploited to the full, by highlighting the relaxed area in the garden or by inserting the right exterior furniture – such as benches, hammocks, chairs and wooden sun beds – that provide comfort and harmony throughout the environment.

Here’s how to radically change the appearance of a façade faint ‘Before and After Three Horrible Faces’.

The wood for a modern home

If you are attracted to natural materials and elements then it is obvious that the most logical choice for you is wood. It is a material that gives warmth, refinement and familiarity to the area for which it is chosen and together it hosts hospitality and intimacy thanks to its natural colors. It does not necessarily have to prevail in the rustic style if you choose wood. In the example that you see in the picture, you notice how wood has been redone in a modern style, going to be the protagonist of a kind of continuity between the modern and state-of-the-art architectural lines of the building.

Orange or warm colors

In the image that we propose we can see how this façade is uniquely valued in such a hot and lively color, able to convey a well-defined personality in the field of architecture. Surrounded by green and well-groomed gardens and tall palm trees, this building contrasts strongly and leaves even more protagonists without losing elegance and grandeur.

The modern house with wooden terrace

The facade of a building does not necessarily have to be flat. It can also show an articulated surface, as in the example we show you in the image. On the facade of this house, a rich structure of openings, corners and terraces has been recreated at different levels of height and depth. In this way the outside of this home acquires an unusual and original appearance as it looks much more appealing and seductive. In addition, looking at the combination of white walls and wood, we can certainly assert that the result of this work is surely successful, affected by a modern style with sophistication touches that make it a breathtaking façade.

The natural stone house

Another preference that will particularly appeal to nature lovers is the use of stone on the facade. The facade of a building can be covered with these marvelous stones found on the market in the form of natural or artificial panels, if the exterior walls of the house were not directly elevated in natural stone. The end result is really stunning in front of this facade you almost seem to be in the middle of a movie set. Among the things to be underestimated is the one of great importance for which stone does not require any retouching or maintenance over time.

6 Things to Know Before Renting House

6 Things to Know Before Renting House

Whether it is for temporary stays, maybe for vacation purposes, for study purposes or for long term periods, renting a home is a fairly common situation that each of us faces at least once in one’s life. So here’s a handy mini guide with the 6 things to know before renting a home, because you often face this step with little awareness, risking then having to deal with minor drawbacks or more serious problems that we could have avoided if we only had more attention in due time.

Documentation required

The rental contract must be black on white, even if it is rented for a few days. Otherwise, it may be considered null, as required by Law 43198. In order to be valid, the documentation must contain

– the data of the building and the contractors

– the amount of the fee

– Specify any expenses included or excluded

– the delivery time of the apartment

– as an attachment, the so-called delivery note where the state of the house is described at the time of delivery, in addition to the list of furniture and accessories that may be supplied.

Finally, we recall that the contract registration will only be required for a period longer than 30 days.

The deposit required

– It is commonly called ‘deposit’ the security deposit that homeowners require at the same time to sign the contract to protect themselves against any damage. Although the law provides that as a deposit may be required up to three months, owners generally ask for the first monthly plus a second.

– The figure must be returned at the time of the tenant’s exit from the property, reduced by the amount of any damages that make the apartment different from the state in which it was delivered. Of course, wear is not considered to be a harm. If we want to be sure, we could look at the property by a technician, such as a geometry or an architect, who will check the real state of the house. In addition, it is important to consider that, as required by the law, the security deposit must produce interest this amount must also be paid to the outgoing tenant.

– Although the seasonal rental does not require the obligation to pay the deposit, usually the landlord asks for a deposit to compensate for any damage. Again in this case the sum will be returned if the home will be delivered under the initial conditions.



In general, the law stipulates that the owner must bear the costs of extraordinary maintenance of the property while the tenant is in charge of condominium expenses and small ordinary maintenance work, as well as of course the consumption (water, gas, electricity, heating, If apart). However, the lease will be faithful, and for this reason it is important that here each item is specified in detail.

When making payments

– The rate of payments can be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and must be agreed on when the contract is signed, where it will be specified. From 1 January 2017, the limit for which the fee can be paid in cash is increased from 1000 to 3000 Euros. This means that up to 2999.99 Euros will not be required to use traceable instruments such as wire transfer or check.

Of course, in addition to cash, you will still be able to use

– non-transferable bank check;

– cashier’s check;

– postal checks;

– rechargeable credit card;

– bank or postal transfer.

8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath

8 Country Houses That Will Take Your Breath

When we think of a farm we can only think of a simple setting, immersed in nature, an oasis of peace where to relax and break away from everyday routine.

A place for families with children to relax and find harmony, but also for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The rustic cottage does not know age and time. It can be simple, rustic, but also elegant and refined. It depends on the impression we want to give it and personal taste.

Let’s see together some suggestions from which to take great excitement!

Country cottage rustic chic

This interior of an elegant and sophisticated farmhouse recalls elegance, sobriety and simplicity at the same time.

The white color of the walls and bleached wood beams make the environment brighter. The great arcade that divides this small relax area from the rest of the environment creates a cozy and warm living. The curtains and fabrics used seem to emphasize the simple but refined elegance of the entire environment.

Simplicity and nature

This farmhouse is a reminder of the nature and simplicity that surrounds us. The majestic but simple home is rocky and gives a sense of well-being at first glance.

The garden, with shaded plants and creating pleasant corners of tranquility, is a pleasing discovery where guests at the house can enjoy relaxing dinners or read a good book surrounded by silence and peace.

The kitchen of the farmhouse

When we think of a farm we immediately imagine feelings as convivial and sharing. The place for par excellence where to express it to the best is for sure the kitchen.

A typical rustic kitchen, covered with exposed brick and stone. The wooden floor and the dark beams give that touch of warmth that can not be missed. Interesting the door, small and simple, but of great charm.

For those who want to see our proposals and ideas in rustic style, look here!

A rustic bathroom

Sometimes we tend to overlook the bathroom, not giving him the right weight. Even in a farmhouse, or in a rustic house, it is important to emphasize this environment as well.

The use of wood as a bathtub lining, we find it also in the washbasin cabinet and in a delightful and special complement with door racks. The lights that propagate from the beams throughout the bathroom give a sense of unique harmony. Z

Living area in stone

A respectable farm must highlight the living area, where to share moments with friends, relatives and spend moments in serenity.

Here again we find the wood, both in the parquet and in the beams. The presence of the stone, which entirely covers the house, gives that rustic feel that can not be missed. In particular, the staircase leading upstairs from which you can have a full view of the living area is simple but in harmony with the environment.

A country house

Those who love nature in all its aspects can only love this country house. Despite a refinement that makes it elegant in its simplicity, it has kept its features untouched.

The stone of the house alternates in areas where bricks are visible, giving a greater sense of rural home. The windows upstairs, of different sizes and shapes, create a truly original alternating game, as well as the ground floor doors where lights have been inserted from the small brick arches.

8 Furniture to Save Space and Earn Elegance

8 Furniture to Save Space and Earn Elegance

You can not deny it sometimes lack of space afflicts us. That’s why you need to choose the right furniture, making our home more spacious and comfortable. A small space is no cause for concern and just to reassure you on this point we have selected some really amazing ideas for a compact and functional furniture that will completely change the look of all the rooms in the house living room, kitchen, staircase etc.

Of course, it is good to accompany the choice of furniture with some good practices such as constant cleanliness of the environment, throwing away what is no longer used, so you have a space in order and ready to be best furnished. And now let’s have a look at the suggestions that will make your home beautiful and spacious. Let yourself be inspired!

A sofa bed with drawers

If you love to have fun with friends or family, but your home is small, here’s a first example from which to draw inspiration. The sofa bed is perfect, comfortable and in harmony with the environment; It also has two drawers for storing linens, pillows and so on.

A bed with drawers

Our second example is ideal for a room where two people must sleep. Consider this beautiful and simple solution for the night, placed close to the wall, with a compartment to store objects under the bed, but with a comfortable spacing to divide a jaki on the other.

The wall bed is perfect for a small room, and allows you to have enough space to add cabinets or a desk.

A desk with practical boxes

Look at how this little bench becomes useful for storing objects, thanks to its modulation and size. The furniture can be placed in the living room, in the laundry room or at the entrance and allows you to place your shoes or anything else you want to keep.

A comfortable subscale

If the scale has space on the side, here’s the perfect example of how to take advantage of it. Creating a shoe rack on the stairs is, in fact, ideal for small environments and to keep the house in order.

Make the most of every corner

Every corner of the house can be used to the best, as seen in this image. In this case, in fact, a small pantry has been created in the kitchen where everything is stored. We recommend that you contact a carpenter to do the job it will be very useful!

A niche to the wall

Usually, behind the couch you bring family photos and other decorative objects. However, a good idea may be to create a suspended area on the wall, such as a niche with multiple compartments where to put objects and ornaments.

8 Errors to Avoid on the Home Facade

8 Errors to Avoid on the Home Facade

When we think of the façade of our home, we come up with a number of ways to make it more beautiful, we evaluate which plant to choose to decorate the entrance, or the color of the door, or finally the type of light to install to signal access. However, there are other factors to be considered, relating to security and privacy.

Today, through a series of projects, we present the 8 classic mistakes that can be made when dealing with this aspect, some focus on aesthetics, others on security or privacy. Be careful!

The security

As far as security is concerned, lighting is a vital element. It is important that the space in front of the house is always well illuminated, especially if there are more hidden areas. Ideal is installing motion-sensitive lights.


Protecting yourself from prying eyes is another priority when designing the façade of your home. There are several possibilities, you can install a sort of shutter made of wooden strips, or you can do it from the inside with different kinds of curtains.

The aesthetics

The facade is the first impact you have in a home and, you know, there is no second chance to make a good first impression. So it is crucial to be upheld and express our style and personality. To do this, we can use color, perhaps using a different one for some elements, to create contrasts or to change the materials.

The night view

Since the facade is a very important element, it would be a shame not to be appreciated even at night. Choose carefully the lights, so you create a nice effect, which makes justice to your home.


It may seem despicable, but it is worth stressing especially to facilitate your guests, it is essential that your home page is accessible in a convenient and easy way, without people being in a hurry to call you.

The clarity

Part of the facade that is often not taken into account is the civic number. It is important that it is readable in a clear and immediate way.

The comfort of the entrance

The access road to the house must be comfortable and well maintained. No decomposed pavement or weeds! It’s not just a matter of aesthetics and care in front of your guests, but it’s also a way to ease those day-to-day operations, such as delivery of mail or courier arrival.