Europe Plan To Tax Gasoline

Europe Plan To Tax Gasoline

President Juncker and his team will work very closely with Renzi prime minister and his government to continue to push for more European solutions, more ambitious and faster implementation of all aspects of the European agenda on immigration he concludes.

With respect to the proposed use of Eurobonds to finance the measures to manage the crisis of migrants the EU Commission has always maintained that we must be imaginative. We have taken note of the Italian proposal, but also other proposals have been formulated jasa konsultan pajak jakarta. I can give at this stage, one of the EU Commission position on this point, so the EU executive’s spokesman Margaritis Schinas on the proposal of Eurobonds, contained in the ‘migration compact’ Italian.

Austria against Italy. The free passage of refugees does not solve problems, but it makes them bigger. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, today announced that the Council will talk to Italy of the problem to the Brenner and ask for an end to the free passage of refugees. Arriving at the headquarters of the Foreign Council in Luxembourg, Kurz says he is happy to be able to close the Balkan route, adding that now Italy needs the support of the EU but, he adds, Italy must not only let pass the refugees to central Europe, otherwise the problem gets worse.

The head of the Vienna diplomats also noted that Austria take more refugees Italy, although this is a country ten times. Arguing that I will fight so as not to necessitate the introduction of controls, specifies Although we do not want to introduce controls on the Brenner Pass, but can it be that we are forced to do so and therefore we are preparing.

Kurz tries to soften the tone by stating that introduce border controls does not mean closing the Brenner, but notes For Germany it was necessary to introduce controls at the border with Austria and I can not rule out that we will need to become more active on the Italian border.

By 9600 migrants landed on Italian shores across the central Mediterranean, in March, more than doubled the number of people arrived, compared to February. In March 2015, arrived migrants had been 2,283. They are the Frontex data. The landed people come mainly from Nigeria, Somalia and Gambia.

The Aquarius crew failed to recover the six bodies that were on the boat, which was noticed at the end of transhipment operations. The boat, tell the rescuers, it is folded in V and the bodies were submerged in water and brought to the bottom. The waves also swept away two of the three migrants that the ship had been thrown into the sea; the other was saved.

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