How To Make A Special Modern Entrance

How To Make A Special Modern Entrance

We are looking for ideas to decorate with style our entrance We follow the advice of our experts and discover together new and original ideas to add a contemporary touch to our home.

Because sometimes very little is enough to make a special modern entrance!

We add an optical carpet

We would like to give personality to a nondescript entrance We rely on an elegant carpet in optical style, to welcome our guests in a fresh and modern environment, as we see in this proposal.

Furnish with paintings

The paintings can be an excellent solution for furnishing an entry class. We could choose the style you prefer and pull each other tele – or why not, even photographs – of different sizes. Indeed, we could also avoid hanging the pictures and place them simply on the walls, in order to create a modern entrance and a big way, as we see in this example proposed by CRISTINA ZANNI.

Style Details

You could never imagine that a vintage bedside could be placed in a home of our days Yes, once again we tell you that you can. The important thing is to create a common thread between ancient and modern, without letting prevail over one another.

The picture shows a wooden table with sliding doors, the kind that now you can aim only in the homes of our grandmothers.

We match furniture in different style

We want to create a single entrance and original furniture We combine a unique style! For example, we could pull over a modern lamp to an antique sofa and an ethnic table, to get an eclectic and contemporary environment, as we can see in this fascinating proposal.

Lightness and minimalism

The bathroom of a house is the place where, together with the kitchen, there is the need to order and continuous cleaning. For this reason, it is appropriate to choose furniture and health by straight lines and simple as accessed in this case a single mobile on two levels acts as a supporting base for the sink from which shelf on which to place the necessary for the care of themselves. The predominant colors are white that covers 23 of the wall while the remainder is characterized by very elegant taupe-colored tiles.

A spa relaxation

On the opposite side we find the long bath, also with well-defined lines and inserted into a corner, where the walls are the same color as the previous image dove gray, very zen. The two shelves made in the wall are useful for storing bath salts and candles to enjoy the best moment of relaxation par excellence.

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