Our Favorite Camping Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Now i am so excited that get joined me for this week’s Camping Series, where I’m sharing meal and snack ideas, fun & games and lots of great tips, tricks and hacks to make your next camping trip the best it can be!

What follows will be the tips & tricks that we’ve used, or chosen to use this upcoming camping season.

Economical Camping Tips

Our Favorite Camping Tips, Tricks & Hacks
Every hint, trick and hack that I use serves two purposes – to make camping more comfortable, also to save us money.

My spouse and i don’t want to break the budget as a way to finance a camping trip. The point is to get away and have a stress free rest! I can’t do that if I know We spent way too much money to get there.

Here are some tricks for keeping your camping trip low priced.


  • Camp at point out recreational areas

There are numerous state parks offering camp. Some have primitive sites only while others will give you both primitive and “hook-up” sites that include drinking water and/or electricity.

State recreational areas are often the most inexpensive places to camp. Since of that, they fill quickly, so ensure you plan your trip well in advance. Find each of the condition parks for your express at the National Playground Service website.

Camp near home if you can. There’s no need to operate a vehicle hundreds of miles to camp, unless you just want to. We may leave the campground even as we get there, so as long as the rv park itself has plenty to do it doesn’t really matter how far from home it is. In addition camping near home preserves us profit gas!

  • Pre-plan your meals

Don’t make the mistake of just tossing a bunch of stuff into a chillier. You’ll likely wrap up making unplanned and expensive excursions to the campground store. Pre-planning your meals has the added benefit for allowing you to plan around what’s on sale, keeping you even more money. Thinking about what you will eat ahead of time also enables you to simplify meal preparation whenever you can. All of the extra time spent planning your food before your trip will be WELL well worth the time saved during your vacation.

  • Buy items at the Dollar Retail store

I am so happy that we have numerous “everything’s $1” stores near by. If you do, get everything that you can from there. It will save you a whole lot money! Here’s a great list to get you started out.

  • Search Yard Sales & Craigslist

I have a pretty intensive wish set of items which I’d wish to add to our camp gear. Most of them cost you a veritable fortune though! I want to go to yard sales in the summer so Soon we will be keeping my sight open. There is that a lot of people buy a variety of camping equipment, go camping once, realize they don’t like it and then sell everything for pennies on the dollar. Craigslist is also a great destination to look for bargains.

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