How To Install Plugin On WordPress

Today, WordPress becomes one of the most favorites for bloggers. WordPress has a good flexibility where it allows you insert a plugin. It functions to introduce specific capabilities. It may also be stated that plugin enables you perform certain tasks. So, it is extremely important that you know how to add plugins into WordPress.

There are lots of plugins available for WordPress. Before talking about how to add WordPress plugins, then you have to understand some popular options. For example is Yoast that optimizes your own WordPress for SEO. Apart from that, there’s MyBookTable that can help you record books in your WordPress site. Then, you may also consider Sociable that adds the buttons of societal networking sharing to the articles on your site.

Adding plugins to your WordPress site isn’t hard. How to add plugins to WordPress merely requires these steps:

  • Search the Appropriate Plugin

Firstly, you must locate the appropriate plugin for your WordPress site. It depends on your desire.

Now, you can begin how to add plugins into WordPress website by logging into the WordPress dashboard.

  • Create a Plugin

Following that, you need to produce a login by clicking “Add New” on the top page.

  • Upload the Plugin

After that, you can upload the plugin. You may find it by looking on the WordPress repository. You might also upload it through .zip file backup of plugin.

  • Install the Plugin

Next, you need to install it.

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