10 Ideas for Houses to Make Yours Beautiful

10 Ideas for Houses to Make Yours Beautiful

As in any corner of the house, we can even decorate on the facades with modifications and renovations. Playing with colors, materials, lines and shapes is possible to achieve a spectacular facade, just as your imagination would imagine. Elegant or innovative or just amazing.

However, being an external element, direct and continuous contact with atmospheric agents must be considered and therefore it is necessary to use good quality materials that do not deteriorate under constant exposure to sun, cold, wind, rain and frost. Since a facade is for life (or almost) it will be good to carefully select the materials we intend to make. If you need restyling after many years, this will cost a lot less if below there is a good starting point jual rumput sintetis. In this article we show you some examples of tropical façades that at one glance can only make you fall in love. Look and be surprised!

Back with porch

Unfortunately, some façades do not enjoy a peculiar or interesting architectural style. In the example that we propose in the image you can see a simple porch, with beams and columns that make up the front facade of this house. In such cases, it is necessary to understand what the strengths may be and to focus on. The space in this case is an element of great potential that needs to be exploited to the full, by highlighting the relaxed area in the garden or by inserting the right exterior furniture – such as benches, hammocks, chairs and wooden sun beds – that provide comfort and harmony throughout the environment.

Here’s how to radically change the appearance of a façade faint ‘Before and After Three Horrible Faces’.

The wood for a modern home

If you are attracted to natural materials and elements then it is obvious that the most logical choice for you is wood. It is a material that gives warmth, refinement and familiarity to the area for which it is chosen and together it hosts hospitality and intimacy thanks to its natural colors. It does not necessarily have to prevail in the rustic style if you choose wood. In the example that you see in the picture, you notice how wood has been redone in a modern style, going to be the protagonist of a kind of continuity between the modern and state-of-the-art architectural lines of the building.

Orange or warm colors

In the image that we propose we can see how this façade is uniquely valued in such a hot and lively color, able to convey a well-defined personality in the field of architecture. Surrounded by green and well-groomed gardens and tall palm trees, this building contrasts strongly and leaves even more protagonists without losing elegance and grandeur.

The modern house with wooden terrace

The facade of a building does not necessarily have to be flat. It can also show an articulated surface, as in the example we show you in the image. On the facade of this house, a rich structure of openings, corners and terraces has been recreated at different levels of height and depth. In this way the outside of this home acquires an unusual and original appearance as it looks much more appealing and seductive. In addition, looking at the combination of white walls and wood, we can certainly assert that the result of this work is surely successful, affected by a modern style with sophistication touches that make it a breathtaking façade.

The natural stone house

Another preference that will particularly appeal to nature lovers is the use of stone on the facade. The facade of a building can be covered with these marvelous stones found on the market in the form of natural or artificial panels, if the exterior walls of the house were not directly elevated in natural stone. The end result is really stunning in front of this facade you almost seem to be in the middle of a movie set. Among the things to be underestimated is the one of great importance for which stone does not require any retouching or maintenance over time.

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