Service receiving sms on virtual numbers – Onlinesim

Modern virtual numbers is a great alternative to a physical sim card. Firstly, you are not tied to physical equipment and you do not need to buy starter packs. Secondly, it is much cheaper since you do not need to pay for a tariff plan for a whole month. Also, you can find even free options that are especially interesting and relevant. Thanks to Onlinesim you can use the useful paid options or even receive sms free. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of this service.

What are virtual numbers and why are they needed?

First, let's take a look at what are virtual numbers. In fact, these are ordinary mobile numbers that are similar to those assigned to physical SIM cards. The only difference is that custom cards are in smartphones and sim cards and are in special network equipment.

Which sim cards have the same principle of operation, since you can get messages on the site in your modern account, the point of the advantage of such a solution is that you can perform bulk registration of profiles on messengers and on various websites. Such a mass function is useful for a manager or a PR specialist who wants to create a huge number of accounts to promote certain goods or services.

It is a very handy Aspect that can be applied everywhere. Another advantage is that when you receive sms online info you get all the data in one place. This is a big plus, so you don’t need a bunch of smartphones to receive SMS verification.

How to receive text to such numbers?

The procedure for getting messages to online servises is extremely simple. You need to register and select a phone number that corresponds to a specific country on our website. We have dozens of options for you, so the problem lies only in your desire and specific preferences. As soon as you select the required country you should pay attention to the ammount of all services. Pick the messenger or any other website in order to use a phone number to obtain a qualifying code.

Next, you should go through the standard registration procedure on the picked site and enter the exact options that you will receive on the Onlinesim service. After that, you should open private texts on the site and copy the verification code to complete the procedure. That's all you need to know about the procedure for creating an account using a virtual number. As you can see, this is a simple method that does not require any special knowledge from you. The whole procedure is simplified as much as possible standardized. Moreover, it is available and simple for every user.