List of 13 best Mac apps for developers

The work of developers is closely related to the creation of a large amount of code. Identical snippets must be stored in one place so as not to lose important information. Let's look at the 13 code snippet managers that are most popular among developers.

Brackets open our list. This is a simple and, at the same time, a very stylish utility. The basic syntax highlighting option, folder search, and quicksave makes this convenient for beginners. The second option is the CodePen. It is practically a web platform where users can share their best practices. There is an option for anonymous code storage. In general, this is a good option for every day. Also worth mentioning is GitHub. This is the place where millions of people synchronize their snippets. The platform is very convenient and has many free options.

You should also try the Snipper App. This code snippet slack manager supports more than 12+ programming languages and synchronization with iCloud and GitHub Gist. The stylish interface has a dark and light theme. You can back up and quickly create code with syntax highlighting option. It's an excellent option for beginners and professionals.

Simple cloud-oriented appsĀ 

If you need a web platform, then JSFiddle can be a good option. Just log in to your account and use the intuitive interface to create snippets. GistBox is another cloud-oriented utility. A convenient interface and file-sharing will be especially interesting for freelancers. PasteBin connoisseurs will receive a stylish interface and the ability to send confidential snippets with the option of self-destruction.

Snippet Manager Pro will delight users with the ability to configure a local server, synchronization with Gist, and quick file search. Fans of color themes can choose Gisto. It is a good option for cloud storage snippets with an easy interface. CSSDeck is a good option for social programming. Here, users can share fragments of code and discuss all the technical nuances of development.

If you want a simple manager with syntax highlighting, notes, and systematization of code, SnippetsLab can be a good option. Qsnipps is a good solution for working simultaneously on multiple computers with syntax highlighting. Snippeter is also suitable for a multi-user snippet creation environment. It has a user-friendly interface and a search engine. The choice of the best utility is yours. All options have their advantages.